Saturday, August 23, 2008

Willinashanigan Welcome Tea!

Willinashanigan (Its a native Tuetala Dialect and means "Woohoo!") to the Welcome Tea! Many of you that came did sweat alot as most of us realized haha. Much apologies for switching off the air-conditioning earlier and causing all that condensation, but I promise that next thursday will not be like that!

All of you moved and kicked with much effort and I could tell every one was having fun. Well, in our school, all we wanna do is have fun and play Capoeira! The Axe ( pronounced Ah-sheh ) was really really gooooood! 

I've uploaded some pictures of the welcome tea and due to the constant movements and bad lighting, its kinda blurry but see if you can find yourselves in them haha.

Well for those of you who would like to be part of our family, just come down to the Dance Studio on Tuesday at 6pm. I'm sure you should have received a mail by now giving you more details.

For those people who missed the Welcome Tea, you are welcomed to join us on either Tuesday or Thursday for a trial class (:

For those of you who have not decided to join yet....well....I'm sorry but please go away...I'm kidding! Haha, Please do not place any pressure on yourself and our doors are always open for you! (:

See you guys!

Love Love
* Oh by the way, I was joking about the Tuetala dialect..there's no such language, I just needed a cool sounding word haha*

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