Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day..... BOOT CAMP!

Hello Every Body!

Today we had our first first first class and boy were there many people. I apologize to those who feel that it was not enough of a workout, but because it is the first class and we had to show some basics...and in capoeira there are so many fundamentals to impart, from movements, to songs, to instruments! Well, at least you all got a good over all feel of our class.

Some of us had dinner botak jones after class so next time if you guys can join us, please do! Its family bonding time (:

Do remember your group names because in the future classes, your groupings would be used to call out to you all to make the running of classes easier.

Right, so i showed you guys how to play the attabaque and the pandeiro. But in this post, I'm gonna let the pro-s show you how to do it! Their beats are not capoeira beats but they sure do know how to entertain!

First up is the pandeiro by Carlinhos, a famed prodigy with the pandeiro

Next is the Atabaque!

Well, for instruments, normally people don't learn to play them with flair within a day. It takes practice and if you guys can, just play our instruments during the break times.

Oh ya for a really good post on how to play the atabaque, search for Pek/Cabure's post for atabaque playing under the music labels.

Ok thats all for tonight

Love Love

You also learnt 4 songs:

Dona Maria, como vai você

São Bento me chama

Lyrics here.

Roda maravilhosa

Zum zum zum, capoeira mata um
Lyrics here.

Yes, that last one was wickedly funny, no? Anyway, remember when I said that the songs were secular? Well... not exactly: they're secularised, but they're not secular. Click here to read a little on their cultural context.


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