Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stuff You Don't Really Want to Know

This is gonna be politically charged, no matter how I phrase it. Now I'm not saying anything about lineage, or authenticity, or going back to 'the roots', whatever that means. It's just interesting to know that capoeira is not the only 'fight-like dance, dance-like fight' in the world. Just because the media brought it to you first doesn't mean that it pre-dates, or is the source of, others, and neither should this blogpost.

2008 Afrikan Warrior Women
The n'golo dance is in the second half. Or maybe she's just doing capoeira in London.

AKERU Spreads Their Wings and Soars To Success!

damartialartspage describes Akeru as 'Akeru is an African martial art\school\class that is based on Afro-Brazillian Dance (techniques of both cutlures), martial arts, culture, discipline and philosophy.' Meanwhile it also lists Bassula, Calinda, Gabetula, Kamangula and Kipura (hey hey!) as progenitors of Capoeira. Strangely, Batuque, of which Mestre Bimba's father was a famous batuqueiro, is listed, but not highlighted. Gotta love the Internet.

Ever heard the myth that Capoeira involves no punches because the slaves had their hands cuffed? Well, it just so happens that there is a 'Shackled Hands' martial art! I'd take it with a pinch of salt, though. I think this guy invented the martial art and called himself 'master'. Then again, isn't that how martial arts start?

I may be wrong, but it seems to be linked to the Ancient Egyptian religion of Kemetism. In any case, if you ever find yourself having to beat coppers who've cuffed you...

This is a demonstration battle. It starts about 3 minutes into the vid. 8:30 is really funny, and it's interesting to know that we Asians have a fight-like dance too. That is, if you identify yourselves with the Korean identity...

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