Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bang, Bang, Bang!

Yup, this question has buggered me for the past 2 years since I started Capoeira. How does this martial art help in self defense? Would I have the time and space to Ginga? Most importantly, what happens when I have no music? I'm dead...Nah I'm kidding. Although there are many artforms out there who specialize very much in self defense and application, I feel ours specialize more in form and performance ( please correct me if I'm wrong ). It allows us to express ourselves in dance-like styles and if you ask me, this seems to be the friendliest martial art I've encountered..I mean, how many martial arts involve non-contact?

Just as Josh pointed out, Capoeira helps our every day movements, makes us more fluid. I know when the situation arises, we'd most likely just run or find a parang and hack at the attacker but then if we have a chance, we could maybe land a martelo or sorts. So, I decided to seek out help in self defense. This is not part of capoeira, but it may help if you find yourself needing some self defense moves in the future : p

Click hereand here

*disclaimer: Its abit violent, but hey, when in a real situation, its either you fight or you die. Well you could escape too but then life's too short, lets at a little spice into it (: *


EW said...

Where are the piao de maos and reversaos? As everyone knows, good self-defence starts with looking good.

See some real capoeira self-defence here!

But seriously, I've learnt in capoeira that if a guy is tougher than me (and most guys are), to run away. Not to start something I can't finish. But if the opportunity presents itself, execute with cold malice (like Bas Rutten).

Bambu said...

WAH LAU! I watch that video before! DAMN STUPID!! no wonder ppl dun like capoeira hahahha

Bryan said...

If i were to see capoeira as an art for self-defence. Palm strikes, eye strikes and reversaos are moves i believe are realistic enough to be used in the field.

Capoeira has take downs too so add a bit of Brazilian Jui Jitsu to it and u can have the guy tap out.

But as a lover and not a fighter, give one to the nuts if ever there's that opening and run :)