Sunday, August 31, 2008


Hey peops, thanks for the comments. think i should describe the logo a little so you guys can understand where i'm coming from in terms ofelements and composition.

firstly, it was important to address both the martial-art and art-form aspect of capoeira, ie, you have the capoeiristas(element 1) representing the martial-art and the berimbau(element 2) representing the musical/art-form aspect. while searching for the general shape of the logo, a circular naturally surfaced as it is in which we jogo ie roda(element 3).

secondly, why the composition(ie position) of the 3 elements are as such. because of the irregular shape of the 2 capoeiristas, it is only possible to have them smack center of the logo. then with regards to why the berimbau also smack center over the capoeiristas leading to the 'clashing of elements', the logic behind it is the berimbau controls the game/roda/how we play/mediates between both capoeristas....hence in a sense it is the it should dominant over the capoeirista and roda thus it is also why it's scale larger than the circle and the capoeristas. as for the words "NUS CAPOEIRA" initial placement of it along the spine of the berimbau was just my personal take, as i liked it interacting with all the other elements giving a more compact feel. but like LOGO2 it is posible to pull them out to the rim of the roda avoiding the clashing/cluttering of elements and balancing out the logo.

finally, colour. in the begining, i was set doing a B&W logo. thought it was cleaner and gives a shaper lookand won't turn out as circus-sie(lots and lots of loud colours) as most capoeira logos.(and also because B&W is cheaper as most shirt printer qoute prices per colour). However, i finally decided on including the yellow, green and blue because of it being the colours on the Brazil flag. But i deliberately kept the colours only to the roda rim and as thin as compositionally viable, in hopes of again, not causing the logo to become to circus-sie. well hope the explaination above has clear up the what's and why's of the logo.

p.s yes, au-batido capoeirista is a lady...slimmer limbs, rounder hips, smaller waist and not bald....i noe its not much but being a silhouette it hard to tell.


Bambu said...

I like the new one better, clearer. Give the babe more boobs! haahha What do you guys say?

snyeevee said...

I like her the way she is... haha

Bryan said...

Nice!! And leave her boobs alone, they're fine, no hentai pls :p

pek said...

eh people....its a silhoutte of a girl dude!!!! and its face on of the back....if u see boobs,it means her boobs aregrowing from her armpits la....!!!

muriel (: said...

HAHAHAHHAHAAH. bambu's a cikopek!

p.s. pek! are you the one who did the logo? just a suggestion! (: could you try using e Mistral font for 'NUS Capoeira' and see if you like it? if it's too late it's ok! it's already nice as it is! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh it's pretty nice, much nicer than 2 guys : ) Great job!

roman said...

Haha. I like this one better! :) More because the words are clearer? Haha.

Anyway, great job pek!

And TK! =.=''''

Bambu said...

Nono, I was implying that sex appeal always sells. Look at Victoria Secrets..Hottest brand on earth cos they have the boobiest women too hahaha