Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pressing forward... to Sentosa!

Hi everybody,

Seems familiar? =)
On behalf of NUS Capoeira, I would like to thank each and every one of you for making 2012/13 Sem I a fruitful semester. Special thanks to Sanny (aka Cantor) for his patience, dedication, love and guidance in our Capoeira journey. 
For everyone else who will be facing academic exams, FYP or batizado, we wish you all the best. May the axe and the orixas be with you! 

If you miss the last official training (ie. last Thu), fret not. We have another event cooking and coming right up! Details are as follows:
Date: 8th Dec 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 4pm till 'Who-Knows-When'
Venue: Sentosa
By 8 Dec, I believe everyone will be free from exams. Since its also on a Saturday, we'll have people from the 'Singapore workforce' joining us as well ;) Mark your calendar and lets all have a fun-filled chillax session, free from all the exam pressure.

Lemme' give you guys a brief rundown of how the day will turn out.
1. We meet at Vivocity (entrance to Sentosa via the train). 
2. Head out to one of the beaches. Play some games, some tricking and jump into the salty water. 
3. Before the sun sets, we'll take a shower and grab dinner (most probably @ Vivocity but options are open)

I've also put up this event on Facebook - 
Please 'self-invite' (if I forgot to invite you) and indicate your attendance so we'll have a rough idea of how many people will be turning up. If you don't use Facebook, you may RSVP via the comments below.

That's all for now. I'll see you guys soon ;)


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Change of training venue

Attention guys,

Please note that our last training of the semester, ie 15 Nov 2012 (Thu) will be relocated to YIH Amphitheatre.

Once again, I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone Happy Diwali =)

Meanwhile, here's a song that we've learnt in class ;)
Happy learning. You can find the lyrics to the song by going to the youtube page.
Calangulando, do calango...

Monday, November 12, 2012


Hey guys,

Its already Week 13, which means only 1 more week of official Capoeira classes. So, a few announcements, as I have mentioned in the previous class.

i) There will be no training on 13 Nov 2012 (Tues). Happy Deepavali =) 

ii) The last official training session for the semester is 15 Nov 2012 (Thu). So, lets all try to be there as we'll have a closing roda for the semester, where we bid goodbye to those who will be graduating (maybe?), friends who are on exchange as well as brothers (or sisters) who will be going for exchange next sem. This might just be the last time you'll see them =(

iii) For those who are interested to continue training and not slack off in Dec, we'll have combined training with SMU. 
It will be every Tuesday, 7.30pm-9.30pm @ SMU CCA Hall. This will be a good opportunity for you guys to meet and play with the Capoeiristas from SMU. The fees for Dec is $20.

On behalf of the club, I wish everyone the best of luck in the upcoming exams and a fruitful, fun-filled, fabulous holiday ;)


Monday, October 8, 2012

It just doesn't stop! - Mid Autumn Festival

Hi guys,

Cook-out session, birthday roda (we'll be having another one soon) and now this! Here we go again!

As we've announce in the previous training session, we'll be celebrating Mid-Autumn festival together. There'll be some mooncakes for everyone to share as an after-training snack. Feel free to bring your own mooncakes to share (if you want to).

It will be this coming Thursday (11 Oct 2012) @ MPSH2, our usual training venue.

See you guys in class!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Change in training venue

Hey guys,

On 4 Oct 2012 (Thu), we will be training at Yusoff Ishak Hall (YIH) Amphitheatre. It will only be for this training session due to the ongoing midterms taking place at MPSH.

Training time is still 7pm - 9pm.

Contact any of us if you can't find your way there (or look at the picture below).

Sorry for the late announcement and see you guys in class =)


Thursday, September 13, 2012

NUS Capoeira BBQ

Hello everyone,

Hope training has been rewarding and fun so far =) Its almost half way through the sem already. Time flies.. Leaving the irrelevant aside, its time for our 'annual' BBQ session! *yummeh*

Details first:
Date: 21 Sept 2012 (Friday)
Venue: Trellis towers @ Toa Payoh
Time: 7pm-11pm

Alright, for those who haven't been there, we can all meet at Toa Payoh MRT @ 6.30pm~6.45pm before we ginga..*coughs* walk there together-gether.

Food will be provided, but feel free to bring extra stuffs to share; snacks, drinks, anything =)
However, there will be a 'no-alcohol' policy enforced. Anyone who breaks this rule will have to do cadeira for 1 hour ;)

Come down, have a chat with everyone, see each other outside Capoeira once a while. Things like this don't come often =D (Well, depends on how you define 'often')

Okay! See you guys there!
Before that, I'll see you during training XD


p.s. the pics below are not the bbq pics. Its from our previous cook-out session XD I don't have the BBQ pics. But, the upcoming BBQ will be held at the same place

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sharing is Caring - NUS Capoeira Fundraiser

Hi guys,

Precisely on this day and tomorrow, you will find NUS Capoeira at the Arts linkway (block ADM) selling LaoPan Soy Beancurd! =)

Well, this is because the committee realizes that our semester fee is relatively 'pricey' compared to other martial arts club. Therefore, not only to appeal to the potential members and the freshmen, we would also like to help to reduce the financial burden on the current members. Since we won't be able to get any financial aid from NUS Sports Club nor NUS, we've got to help ourselves right? =D

We're still open for 'business' tomorrow (28 Aug '12) and its selling fast despite the cool, windy and gloomy weather today.

Do drop by to say hi if you're around =)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NUS Capoeira Welcome Tea 2012/13

Ola meu camaras,

Its the time of the year again, where we welcome the new blood into the family ;)

Jumping right in; here are the details of the event:

Date: 21st August, Tuesday
Venue: SRC Dance Room, 2nd Floor of Sports Recreation Center
Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm

Date 23rd August, Thursday
Venue: MPSH 2
Time: 7.30pm- 9.30pm

Just like old times, snacks and drinks will be provided. Please don't just come for the food. What's food without family and Capoeira anyway? =D

For all interested participants, please come in your sports attire as we will be working out a little. As you might have already know, Capoeira is a martial art, infused with music and dance. Given the 2 hours that we have, we will try to share what we know about Capoeira as much as we can in its entirety.

Also, do note that we welcome people of all backgrounds and prior experience in Capoeira or any other form of martial art is not required (All of us started with zero Capoeira experience anyway XD).
Throughout the event, we will introduce some basic Capoeira moves such as the ginga, esquivas and some offensive moves. Not forgetting the music aspect of Capoeira, you will be able to experience the musical instruments we use in the game of Capoeira like the berimbau, atabaque and pandeiro. 

Do contact us if you need assistance or clarification. We will be more than glad to hear from you.

See all of you there!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Xango Capoeira June'12 workshop

The annual mid-year Xango workshop was concluded last week. This year, the numbers were smaller, but there’s new venues (ITE Simei huge MPSH & Wavehouse Sentosa), new faces, and of course, more Axé.
Instead of Mestre Luizinho conducting the workshop single handedly, Cantor is back and was helping Mestre out with the workshop classes.

As usual, the workshop started off with some basic sequences followed by those that we can improvise on our own. Sequences for Benguela and Regional were taught as well as take downs and counter take downs. One particular take down move, arrastao (grab the knees of opponent and pull), interest me the most as I get to see someone using the move on Macaquinho during the group roda and he countered it with the same way Mestre taught even though he did not attend the workshop. (Don’t get me wrong here. I know Macaquinho is so much senior than us so most likely he’ll know how to counter most of the moves. The move requires the person being arrastao-ed to put a hand under the attacker’s one arm and throat in a choking manner and try to stay as low as possible to avoid falling. The person thus has to respond almost immediately when the attacker put both his hands behind the person’s knees so as to not be taken down. Therefore seeing Macaquinho’s fast response in a roda really impresses and surprised me.)

Day 4 of the workshop was our mass public roda, and various Capoeira Grupos were invited as well. Contra Mestre Claudinho from Bantus Capoeira and Professor Pitbull from Capoeira Senzala came down with students from their grupos. Macaquinho and Aisha, plus baby Azmil joined us too. Held at Wavehouse Sentosa, the roda attracted lotsa people. The Axé awesome and despite the hard and grainy/sandy floor, everyone contributed to the roda with their singing, clapping, playing of instruments and of course jogo-ing. 

Thanks everyone for making the workshop a success. And thank you Mestre and Cantor for the awesome 4 days. Looking forward to our grading in December!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

NUS Capoeira, meu familia

What does NUS Capoeira mean to you?

To me, it means family.

It’s not just about the weekly trainings and supper. It’s about the effort everyone puts in to maintain what we have today. The impromptu gatherings at Shiela’s place, the Whatsapp chat group, and also the sharing sessions (+ updating each other about our lives).

It’s heartwarming to see everyone making the effort to come for training every week, despite the heavy workload from school or from work.

And today, it’s a nice end to the semester as well as to my university life (apart from it being the last day of my exam =P). The farewell party for Yulia at Shiela’s place turned out to be a farewell celebration for Mumia, Arnold and me too. Thank you all for all the effort put in. Really appreciated it ALOTTT (and I realllyyy mean it). NUS Capoeira is more than a family to me. Sometimes I think that the club watches me as I grow, yet sometimes it seems to be the other way round. I have seen people coming into the club, people dropping by, people leaving and not forgetting, those who stayed =) Nevertheless, all these have played a part in my capoeira journey.

And once again, good luck to those (Mumia, Arnold and Cindy) who will be graduating and may the next stage of our lives be fulfilling and rewarding.

To Yulia: Thanks for sharing with us all the Russian snacks and being so enthusiastic in the club’s activities. Hope to see you again soon!

To Rosinha: Enjoy your exchange in Philippines and may you come back with more experience to share with us.

May NUS Capoeira continue to grow! Axe!

Lotsa love,
Angeline (Rosa)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quick update~

It’s week 8 into the second semester and everyone is getting busy with school assignments and projects. Not to forget, trainings are still ongoing and everyone (if not, most) is improving at a good pace!

And…Sanny is back! The long awaited return. Sanny will be preparing us for Mestre’s visit in June and he already has a set of plans all mapped out. 

Nothing much to update at the moment (or rather too busy to update). Stay tune for more!

PS: NUS Open House on 17&18 Mar. We’ll be performing on the 17th, at 2pm, so visit us if you’re there!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Upcoming Events

Hey guys,

There are two main capoeira events this week (in case you've forgotten!). For those of you who can make it, please join us!

Monthly Roda (29th Jan)
Grupo Xango, the official grupo in NUS Capoeira, will be holding its monthly roda again tomorrow! This means the other Xango branches in Singapore will meet to have a massive roda. Everyone is invited!

The following are the details:
Date: 29th of January (Sun)
Time: 4pm-6pm
Place: Helix Bridge
Attire: Xango school uniform (or FULL WHITE if you don't have)
If Wet Weather/ if location unavailable: Esplanade underpass area (X'mas roda location)

If you are interested to go or if you find yourself lost, please contact Angeline (9835 4060).

Grupo Senzala Penang Workshop (4th & 5th Feb)

Four of us are heading down to Penang next weekend to join Professor Parabolica from Grupo Senzala in a workshop.

Workshops are always good for us to be exposed to newer styles in capoeira games and to meet other capoeiristas from other grupos. Beginners and seniors are all welcomed to join!

If you are interested, please let me know soon - latest by Monday. This is so I can arrange for a (free) place to stay and for transportation.

Also, (fortunately or unfortunately?) I can bring all of you around to the yummiest places to eat! We are leaving Singapore Friday night to Penang, and back by Monday morning.

If you are interested, email us at capoeira.nus@gmail.com or contact me (8617 9569).

See our previous post on the workshop here for the details.



Welcome Tea This Semester!

Ola camaras,

Muito obrigada for attending our recent Welcome Tea on Thursday!

To the new members, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and are pumped up to begin our trainings! Starting next week, we are going to begin our regular classes, with newer songs, sequences and so on. If you have any questions at all, please ask away! I hope the capoeira bug has already spread. (:

As for the seniors, welcome back! It is wonderful to see everyone again, and hopefully this welcome tea had you energised for more jogo bonito and great times ahead this semester! Keep training to be better and always put as much positive energy as you can into the grupo and jogo. Don't stop the axe!

For those who did not get to attend, you are most welcomed to join us for classes next week. Check out our training times on the top right-hand corner of this blog, or email us at capoeira.nus@gmail.com for more enquiries.

See you next week, and keep checking the blog for updates!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy New Year!

Xin Nian Kuai Le, Gong Xi Fai Cai everyone!

It’s the Lunar New Year season and time for more bak kwas, love letters and pineapple tarts! But go easy on the treats cuz training resumes right after CNY! Morcego will definitely ensure that we shed off some calories from the cny goodies. More Shaun T fitness regime to look forward to!

Come this Thursday there will be a welcome tea for all newcomers. Details are as follows:
Venue: MPSH4
Time: 7pm
Attire: tshirt and trackpants. we train barefoot

We will also be having a Chinese New Year celebration after the training so do join us for the lou hei and MORE cny goodies.

Here’s a song Mercego was sharing with us last week. Those who went for the Christmas monthly roda would have heard of this song. Enjoy the song! It’s addictive =)

Title: Ijexa

Ijexa e a danca do negro
Ijexa e a danca do negro (coro)

e o negro e, e nago
e o negro e, e nago (coro)

e vai,
vai vai vai cair (coro)
beleza beleza, 
vai vai vai cair (coro)
isso e capoeira,

Quando o meu mestre passar
Batam palma ascenando para o ar
Mais nao se esqueça do que ele falou
Toque pandeiro, berimbau, toque agogo

meu povo que beleza
e a danca capoeira com certeza 
meu povo que beleza
e a danca capoeira com certeza


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grupo Senzala Penang Workshop again!

Hey all,

Professor Parabolica from my Grupo Senzala, will be returning to Penang to conduct another workshop in February!

The confirmed details are:
Date: 4th & 5th February 2012 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 10am-1pm for both days
Venue: Let's Dance Studio (Penang, Malaysia)
Fees: RM75 (30.78SGD)

The Facebook Event page is here.

Those interested, please let me know by January 30th (Mon)! We could also travel down together to Penang again.

- Rosinha

Ano Novo!

Hey all!

Have you been training hard the past holiday?

Most of us were busy traveling, working or returning home (probably devouring all the homecooked food he or she can before returning), but at the back of our minds, I am sure the berimbau was still playing and there hiding in your room, you managed to sneak some gingas and other movimentos with the mirror reflection.

Now that the holidays have ended, it's time to get serious again and train even more! We will post up our Welcome Tea details soon. For now, our trainings are back to normal.

A new year, new semester, & a new set of challenges and exciting adventures waiting to happen!

Have a great year, camaras!

NUS Capoeira Group