Saturday, April 28, 2012

NUS Capoeira, meu familia

What does NUS Capoeira mean to you?

To me, it means family.

It’s not just about the weekly trainings and supper. It’s about the effort everyone puts in to maintain what we have today. The impromptu gatherings at Shiela’s place, the Whatsapp chat group, and also the sharing sessions (+ updating each other about our lives).

It’s heartwarming to see everyone making the effort to come for training every week, despite the heavy workload from school or from work.

And today, it’s a nice end to the semester as well as to my university life (apart from it being the last day of my exam =P). The farewell party for Yulia at Shiela’s place turned out to be a farewell celebration for Mumia, Arnold and me too. Thank you all for all the effort put in. Really appreciated it ALOTTT (and I realllyyy mean it). NUS Capoeira is more than a family to me. Sometimes I think that the club watches me as I grow, yet sometimes it seems to be the other way round. I have seen people coming into the club, people dropping by, people leaving and not forgetting, those who stayed =) Nevertheless, all these have played a part in my capoeira journey.

And once again, good luck to those (Mumia, Arnold and Cindy) who will be graduating and may the next stage of our lives be fulfilling and rewarding.

To Yulia: Thanks for sharing with us all the Russian snacks and being so enthusiastic in the club’s activities. Hope to see you again soon!

To Rosinha: Enjoy your exchange in Philippines and may you come back with more experience to share with us.

May NUS Capoeira continue to grow! Axe!

Lotsa love,
Angeline (Rosa)


Salmao said...

i dropped by after quite some time haha... heartwarming post, Rosa =) u've written very well the way I feel about NUS capoeira too! maybe we must form NUS Capoeira Alumni Division...? ;p

Kate Halde said...

Wow. Does sound like quite the family. Wish I could be there too.

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