Thursday, October 2, 2014

Training Review 2/10/14

OMG so efficient is what you are thinking right? You are not wrong.

Today's class:

1. Meia Lua de compasso (meh lwa gee kompasso, or compasso for short)

2. Queda de rins (kay-dah gee hinge)

Tip: jab your kidney with your elbow. it's the way to go. Will take a while before you find the spot that doesn't hurt though >:)

3. Rabo de arraia (ha-bo de higher)

It has a name! Not compasso de kosongmau
Try to progress your compasso into this! From 2 hands to one to none!

4. Meia lua Reversao (meh lwa re-ver-sao, or just reversao)

This is another thing you can progress to from the compasso, so it's important to get your basics right! It probably was awkward and weird to do this for the first/second time just now, but no one's rushing. Go at your own pace.

5. Ponte (ponch)

Since it's halloween this month, let's do something to scare your friends right... This is also another one of the basic movements that we neglect, so let's train this together and walk the entire length of MPSH soon yeah?


This is just one of the things you can do with the moves we've learnt so far, ignore the advertisement haha

So that's it for this time. Have fun learning the names/moves, should we have a mid term for this as well? >:)


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Training Review 30/9/2014

Hey everyone, I guess we shall move back to this space in the interim while our website is down; will try to get it back up asap. In the meantime, watch this space!

So in the interest of convenience, and the benefit of our newcomers, I shall try to post a review of our training sessions if there are new moves introduced. This is purely from my memory, so there may be some things missing, pardon me haha.

So these are what we did yesterday:

1. Songs. We learnt a few new songs ytd! It's ok if you feel lost and awkward vocalising the lyrics, everyone's been there. Just try to sing louder the next time, and soon you will be screaming ur lungs out in the roda. Below are the songs we learnt yesterday:

a. A hora e essa

b. Ai ai ai ai. (the video sounds depressing, don't be too bothered by it)

c. ai ai aide (another depressing sounding one)

d. Eu pisei na folha seca (you pee-say na fo-lya say-kah) ok can't find the song that Toshi taught ytd, but this is the other song that he ALWAYS sings. learn it.

OK I think that concludes the songs. Moving on to the... moves.

1. Martelo rodado (ma-teh-low ho-dah-do) we start small ok, don't fly yet.

2. Armada (ah-ma-dah)

3. Bancao (ben-sao)

4. Martelo (same as 1.)

5. Queixada (kay-sha-dah)

Ok I think that should  be enough for 1 session. Will post more the next time. Hopefully.


This is what some of the more experienced (older, like very old) guys and girls were doing ytd. Don't be intimidated, it's never too early to start.

Macaco (mah-ka-koh)

Ok so that's all for this time, hope you like this. Depending on the response, there may or may not be more of this haha.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Welcome Tea AY2013/14 Semester 1

Hi all!

It's nearing the end of the holidays, hope everyone has enjoyed theirs!

As the new semester starts, we will also kickstart training with our first activity of the academic year!!!

Yay are you all ready for 2 days of fun fun fun Capoeira? We will be introducing basic Capoeira moves, together with some Capoeira songs. By the end of the session, you will be ready to participate in your first ever roda!

That's all, and we hope to see many fresh new faces for this year!

Interested parties may sign up via this link:


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Matriculation Fair AY 2013/14!

Hey guys!

Yay this is my first post! I'm hoping that there are some new people reading this post as well, since we've just completed our first day at Matric fair yesterday! If you are visiting this site due to matric fair, WELCOME!

And of course, thanks to our wonderful matric fair team for spreading the word yea?

Well, hope to see the sign ups at our welcome tea, and here's to more new recruits for the new AY

Our wonderful matric fair team!
Can you see the details of our welcome tea?


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kick off the holidays with a BANG!

Oh yea! It was a long weekend over the Vesak Day holidays and some of us decided to head down to KL for some Capoeira immersion programme!

For a start we decided to drop by EBC on a Saturday at some ulu school which we almost got lost. Professor Pimbal as well as his students were welcoming and friendly. The intense 2-hour lesson that we had got some of us yearning for an ice cold beer halfway through! The roda at the end of the lesson was filled with axe and the berimbau was so well played it sounded like a musical piece.

Day 2, we visited CDO and we got to meet CM Braulio and CM Eurico (from Australia) who happened to be visiting KL too. Here, we experienced another capoeira style whereby floreios are use more extensively to beautify the game. Having visited Sunway Lagoon in the day before heading to CDO’s training, some of us were totally drained at the end of the day. Nevertheless, we still head off for some 12am dinner and 3am booze which resulted in a few of us concussing on the drinking table.

Overall, the experiences we had was an eye opening one as we get to know more people in the capoeira community, exchange training tips, and also experience the different training and jogo styles. The trip has definitely given me more motivation to train harder and better and some day, I would like to visit the schools across the causeway again!

PS: Special thanks to KY and Faizal for coordinating with the different schools and finding the locations!

some snapshots of the trip!

And a group picture of everyONE!

Take care and train hard!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

NUS Capoeira Berimbau Making Workshop

The first ever berimbau making workshop organized by NUS Capoeira. This is your chance to MAKE YOUR OWN berimbau!

I will not be able to provide a lot of details about the event now, but I will update you guys about it in a few days time. 
Fees : $15
Venue: NUS Sports Club Room
Date: 2 Feb 2013 (Sat)
Time: 12.30pm - 6.00pm

Refer to the following link for the 'anatomy' of the berimbau:

The following materials for making the berimbau will be provided:-
1. Verga
2. Arame
3. Baqueta
The dobrao is just a pebble, which we can pick up anywhere =)

The key component that we will not be able to provide is the cabaca. This is because we want you to have the liberty to choose what kind of berimbau you want to make for yourself - gunga, medio or viola. We should be able to get them pretty easily since Chinese New Year is coming. An average cabaca costs about $25-40. 

Also note that the verga that we will provide will not be a beriba wood (as they're not easily purchased and beriba-chopping is illegal in Brazil). We will be providing an oak verga. You may look at the oak verga which Toshi has graciously donated to the club (Thank you, Toshi).

For those who choose not to make a berimbau, please feel free to come down and hang out =) Though you're not making one, you can still learn how to make one. We will probably have dinner together after the event. Will be a good opportunity for everyone to know each other more!

Hope to see you guys there!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Welcome Tea Semester II 2012/13

Today marks the start of a new semester.. Hope you guys had fun in the first day of school ;)

For those who forgot, we'll officially resume our Capoeira training tomorrow (15 Jan 2013). Same time, same place. If its your first time joining us, details of the training sessions are in green under the 'Announcements'.

Next, regarding the Welcome Tea. This serves as an introductory session, specially catered to people who are new to Capoeira. Everyone is welcomed regardless of experience, age or gender =)
Look at is as a tour where we'll be sharing with you about the various aspects Capoeira.

Details of the Welcome Tea are as follows:
Date: 22nd January 2013 (Tuesday)
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Venue: SRC Dance Studio, Level 2

Date: 24th January 2013 (Thursday)
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Venue: YIH Amphitheatre

There will be 2 sessions. Most of the activities/programs that we carry out on both days will be similar. However, feel free to come down for both ;) In order to stay true to the name of this event which we call 'Welcome Tea', snacks and drinks will be provided!
Of course, if you're new and wish to join us for training even before the Welcome Tea (ie. 15th and 17th Jan), please feel free to do so.

If possible, do come down in your sports attire as we will 'always be moving'.. literally =)

In case you can't find your way, follow the sound of the berimbau you may contact me @ 84444319 or Kelvin @ 96582995.