Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kick off the holidays with a BANG!

Oh yea! It was a long weekend over the Vesak Day holidays and some of us decided to head down to KL for some Capoeira immersion programme!

For a start we decided to drop by EBC on a Saturday at some ulu school which we almost got lost. Professor Pimbal as well as his students were welcoming and friendly. The intense 2-hour lesson that we had got some of us yearning for an ice cold beer halfway through! The roda at the end of the lesson was filled with axe and the berimbau was so well played it sounded like a musical piece.

Day 2, we visited CDO and we got to meet CM Braulio and CM Eurico (from Australia) who happened to be visiting KL too. Here, we experienced another capoeira style whereby floreios are use more extensively to beautify the game. Having visited Sunway Lagoon in the day before heading to CDO’s training, some of us were totally drained at the end of the day. Nevertheless, we still head off for some 12am dinner and 3am booze which resulted in a few of us concussing on the drinking table.

Overall, the experiences we had was an eye opening one as we get to know more people in the capoeira community, exchange training tips, and also experience the different training and jogo styles. The trip has definitely given me more motivation to train harder and better and some day, I would like to visit the schools across the causeway again!

PS: Special thanks to KY and Faizal for coordinating with the different schools and finding the locations!

some snapshots of the trip!

And a group picture of everyONE!

Take care and train hard!

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Liso said...

yeah! good job guys. lets plan the next one! :)