Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thursday. Training.

Hey all!

Hope everyone's enjoyed the Hari Raya holidays. Be it celebrating, for our Muslim friends, or going out or even simply using e spare day to catch up on some sch work, one thing's definitely been sorely missed. Tuesday's training!!!

Anyway to satisfy that itch (which most of us are having) please be warned that Thursday's training will be intense. That being said, everyone's encouraged to come down pumped up and ready to learn because even though it's gonna be intense, no one ever said it was gonna be physically intense so don't let that stop u budding capoeiristas. Morcego will be coming down this Thursday and sharing his recent inspirations with us. Do come down and absorb e axe!

See ya'll at 7 sharp.

~Grey Singlet Guy

Friday, August 26, 2011

Upcoming Events

Hi fellow capoeristas!

Welcome to the NUS capoeira family! For those who came for training today, you may have known of some of the club's upcoming activities.


1. Museum night festival
Saturday, 27 aug, 6.30pm at National museum of Singapore
a gathering for all the capoeristas with our sister schools..good time to get to know more people!

2. Monthly roda
Sunday, 28 aug, 4pm at *scape
a monthly event where everyone from our sister schools will come together to jogo (play)!u don't have to play if you're not confident or comfortable..just drop by to take a look!you'll feel e axé (pronounced as ah-shay, which means positive energy)
- if you're keen on going for e roda please inform us!


We'll be collecting our fees from next week onwards. It will be $60 for the entire semester. Just pass me the money at any of our trainings.
We will also be selling the club shirt in 2 weeks time so by then, everyone will be wearing the same shirt for training.


Kelvin Kwek

Friday, August 12, 2011

NUS Capoeira Welcome Tea 2011/2012 Sem 1

Its the time of the year again! Old faces meet new faces and new faces meet new faces. All yearning for one thing - Capoeira! Axe!

There will be 2 sessions of Welcome Tea/Open Class, just in case you guys can't make it to either one.
Details are as follows:
Date : 16th & 18th August 2011 (Tues and Thu respectively)
Time: 7.00pm - 9.30pm
Venue: MPSH 2

The time and venue is the same for both days.
Please come down with your sports attire (preferably long & comfortable sports pants & T-shirt) as we will be sharing some Capoeira basics with you. 
Here's some questions that you might want answered:-
Q: I do not have any experience in Capoeira or any other martial art, can I still join?
A: Why not? We do not hold auditions or anything of such nature to 'filter' you out. Capoeira is for everyone!
Q: I can't make it for the Welcome Tea/Open Class. Can I still join you guys for training?
A: Yup, our pleasure =)
Q: I'm only in NUS for exchange for a semester or two, will it be okay for me to join you guys?
A: Sure! We have had many people joining us though they're on exchange or internship.
Q: Capoeira looks scary. I doubt if I can do those movements.
A: The Welcome Tea/Open Class session will be focusing on the basics in Capoeira. Do not worry too much. All you need is an open mind. We'll learn and progress together, like a family ;)
For more info, please contact Brian or Kelvin. You may also email us at

To NUS Capoeira familia! Hope to see you guys during the Welcome Tea.

p.s. note the change of time from 7.30pm to 7pm.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Potluck @ Shiela's

Hi everyone,

I'm sure you guys heard of Mcdonald's and Nando's. Have you heard of Shiela's?
We'll be having dinner, potluck style this Saturday night, instead of the usual 'tapao' and eating w/o company XD
Details are as follows:-

Date: 6th August 201
Time: 6pm - *who knows when*
Venue: Shiela's house @ Toa Payoh

Its potluck, don't forget to bring something to share =)

See you guys there.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just like our Thursdays before...

Heya fellas,

We'll be having training as usual tomorrow (4 Aug 2011) at MPSH 2. We'll start at 7.30pm.

Those who have already returned from overseas, free after work or find your Thursdays during the holidays boring, come down and pump some Axe ;)

Looking forward to see you there.