Friday, August 26, 2011

Upcoming Events

Hi fellow capoeristas!

Welcome to the NUS capoeira family! For those who came for training today, you may have known of some of the club's upcoming activities.


1. Museum night festival
Saturday, 27 aug, 6.30pm at National museum of Singapore
a gathering for all the capoeristas with our sister schools..good time to get to know more people!

2. Monthly roda
Sunday, 28 aug, 4pm at *scape
a monthly event where everyone from our sister schools will come together to jogo (play)!u don't have to play if you're not confident or comfortable..just drop by to take a look!you'll feel e axé (pronounced as ah-shay, which means positive energy)
- if you're keen on going for e roda please inform us!


We'll be collecting our fees from next week onwards. It will be $60 for the entire semester. Just pass me the money at any of our trainings.
We will also be selling the club shirt in 2 weeks time so by then, everyone will be wearing the same shirt for training.


Kelvin Kwek

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