Friday, December 25, 2009

Portuguese Phrases

The pronunciation is continental Portuguese. In Brazilian Portuguese, usually the 's's do not have a 'shh' sound. i.e. 'está' (is) is pronounced 'eh-sta' and not 'eshh-sta'. 'd's are pronounced as 'j's. i.e. 'dia' (day) is 'jee-ah' and not 'dee-ah', as she does it.

But Brazil is a big country, so you'll be understood anyway. :)


Até logo instead of Até lol.

Tenho que ir (to go) instead of Tenho que partir (to leave).

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Get my Sexy Back

Hi guys,


After 2 weeks of comatose mugging, it sure was good to be able to workout those stiff pieces of myofibrils in our muscles eh!

Remember that foundation is really important and that core and form develops from strength and flexibility, which will be my emphasis for our sessions in December!

Meantime, December is a time for a break so do feel free to bring your family and friends to come down for classes to stretch loose. :)