Sunday, February 22, 2009

when do u realised u're hooked on capoeira...

hey peops!!! its mid-term break....YESSSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
haha!!! anyway, admist all the '25 thing you probably don't know about me" thingy that has been flying around facebook, and of course, me finally having some time on hand,
i'm gonna do a 25 thing list entitled:
"u noe u're hooked on capoeira when....."

1. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when u can't help but finish the Mazda commercial with "capoeira mata um".
2. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when your hand starts playing the air berimbau/pandeiro/atabaque without u noeing...
3. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when in times of silence u find yourself chanting "chichi tong tengteng, chichi tong tengteng"
4. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when your apelido feels more real then your real name.
5. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when footwears starts to feel uncomfortable and going barefooted everywhere seems more then natural
5. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when u wear your abadas to sleep and think that they're the most comfortable clothing on earth.
7. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when u wear your colour abadas in public and think that people staring at u are weird.
8. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when white, yellow, green and blue suddenly becomes your favour colour combi.
9. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when u have frequent dreams of jogoing in the roda which ends up with u being rasteira-ed or vingativa-ed and wake up, having fallen off the bed.
10. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when u start pronouncing all your "r"s with "hooorr" and your "d"s with "jeee"
11. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when getting up from the floor always ends up in a negativa or role.
12. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when u trip and fall into a au followed by a negativa and role
13. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when u start to swear in portuguese
14. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when avoid everything by going to a esquiva or cocorinha.
15. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when your ring tones capoeira music, your alarm tones capoeira music, your sms alert is capoeira music and if u could, your doorbell will ring 'Parana e...."
16. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when surfing the net alway mean u're watching, searching, listening or reading bout capoeira.
17. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when all your hand shakes ended with a slide, and knuckle punch, and hand over you heart.
18. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when u start fitting the 3 berimbau tones to Rihana's Umbrella while listeing to the radio.
19. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when u have the urge to do a au or bananeira everytime both your palms are on the floor.
20. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when relax time means sweating buckets lot with a fellow capoeirista in a roda.
21. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when every circular marking starts looking like a roda.
22. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when your start replacing walking with ginga-ing
23. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when the chair becomes your best bud to ginga to at home
24. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when everything bralizilian is good
25. u noe u're hooked on capoeira when u can forget bout sitting on a toilet bowl, and would rather 'parallela' over the toilet hole effortlessly....hahah!!!

what else??

Friday, February 20, 2009

Last Thursday's Class

Hello every body..

I have failed you all!! I forgot to bring my camera, and so did the rest of the we're back to just reading text and learning moves from text. Today we went through 3 sequences.

The first sequence:

A- Melua De Frente
B - Queda quatro, Sharpa
A- Drop into Exquxiada, round about
B - Negativa Role

The 2nd Sequence

A - Melua Compasso
B - Esquiva frontal, Melua Compasso
A - Exquxiada, Role
B - Role

THe 3rd Sequence....Hmmmm i'm not too sure if its this one

A - Armada
B - Entrada, trying to vengativa
A - Drop into exquxiada and take down B at the knees
B - Escape with either a giro or a martelo rotado.

Hmmm I tink this is what we covered mostly Anyways, announcements!

Next tuesday we are going to SMU at 730 for a Group roda, I need to know who will be going down. Comment on this post or email me.

We are organizing Samba classes and I need to know who is interested, its $6 per class and there are only 2 classes. Please either comment on this post or email me at

Next Saturday SMU will be having a pageant cum performance showcase. We will be performing. For the beginners, you all will clap and sing songs to help, for the not so beginners, you may perform if you like or help with instruments, for the seniors...go down and boogie haha. Likewise, comment or email me.

Next thursday! We are having a club outing. Please poll and tell us what you prefer!

Ok thats all!

Love love

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Was in the flash of the moon...

Hey guys,

Finally here's the much awaited lyrics for that axe-pumped song! Thx "Cantor" for spreading Da Luv!!

"Foi no clarao da lua"

Foi no clarao da lua
que eu vi acontecer
o num vale-tudo com jiu-jitsu
o capoeira vencer, mas foi

Foi no clarao da lua
que eu vi acontecer
o num vale-tudo com jiu-jitsu
o capoeira vencer

Deu armada, deu rasteira
meia lua e a ponteira
Logo no primeiro round
venceu o capoeira
Em baixo do ningue
o mestre Genin vibrava
tocanda seu berimbau
capoeira cantava, mas foi



In case anyone went ahead and found out the lyrics out in the internet, you'll spot a slight difference in the lyrics. Different schools tend to adjust slightly the lyrics to reflect their school and beliefs. So don't be surprised when you're looking through certain websites and you go "Hey, the lyrics are wrong!" No such thing :)

As in life, as in the roda... one capoeira

Axe meu camaradas

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday's Class on Joshua's Bday!

Hello every one!

Good news!! ...Our instructor, Professor Jaguar, will be coming together with our Mestre, Mestre Luizinho Barrevento, in April!! Yay!!

Bad news ): I forgot to film today's entrada sequence..My camera's battery was down and the back up camera was too tied up to come up.. I'm really sorry!!! SOOOO I'm gonna write the sequence in words and the rest of the blog will be geared to helping you with your basics and polishing it up.

For the entrada, You step from a ginga to a parrella position, entrada, then swivel and use your back leg to step into your opponent's space. Points to note: Always maintain eye contact; When you swivel, make sure there is as little time where you don't see your opponent as possible. It's best if you can keep your back low so that your vision is clearer like the guy in this video as he does a giro. Notice his eye and head movements.

Next up, lets go back to basics on the Queda de Rins ( Kidney fall ). For the newcomers who were struggling with the positioning of the elbow, this video explains it quite clearly. The rule of thumb is that you have to support your body weight on your elbow together with your head and your other hand. It's kinda like a See Saw where your elbow acts as the pivot and you have to bring more of your weight to your arms and head to bring your legs up.

Ok, now lets go to your Au. Alot of us still have problems with it. I'm no exception and I have lots to improve on. This video will take you through on how to execute a nice Au (:

Ok i hope this post helps. Please please comment if you need me to put up more videos. If not, you can go search our blog on the title " Last Thursday's Class" in the "Chapters " Section on the right bar for our previous class postings (:

Love Love

Monday, February 9, 2009

Capoeira beyond the moves.

I do not write on this blog much. So this is going to be a long post.

I think most of us who have played enough Capoeira know that Capoeira is more than just the moves and the physical aspect. There is also the musical aspect to list another. But Capoeira is much more than what you can see, and what you can hear. It is very much what you can feel.

Capoeira requires personal feel, intuition, foresight, and also your own personality, more than some other martial arts, I feel. It is not just about landing your kick into the intended target. A myriad of other things goes into that single queixada.

First you have the lead-up. You have to execute some pre-requisite moves before the actual kick. You watch your opponent, looking for the chance to execute the queixada so that it is most effective. You decide that this is the prime chance for it and you start to execute it. You twist your body enough so that your queixada becomes potent. And that is not the end. Your mind is constantly calculating what would be the next best option after the kick is executed. Even while the kick is in progress, you eyes are looking for the little nuances in your opponent that betray him and tell you what he is going to do to you next.

I digress a little. Many of us have this habit of throwing our kicks. Yes, it does make your kick a little faster, but that is beside the point. While a game of Capoeira requires speed in some circumstances, placement of your kicks matter more. You can kick at the speed of light but yet never hit your opponent. You can kick at a turtle's speed and still get your opponent, that exemplifies skill and control. I once read something in an article, something which I kind of "live by" whenever I play Capoeira. It basically says that in Capoeira, you do not need to make contact to "score a point". There is no need for one to complete the kick i.e. make contact, because when you place your kick correctly, at where your intended target is, your opponent already knows that you got him. You martelo and stop your kick right beside his cheek. Why bother making contact, you have already won.

That brings me to my next digression. Capoeira is not about active blocking. I do not believe I did any good if I happen to block a kick with my hands. I esquiva. What is unique about Capoeira defences is that they are offensive defences - an esquiva allows you to escape plus leads you and places you in a position for an offence straight away. Placement, placement. Why do you esquiva when you can just block? Capoeira is a martial art form. Read, "art form". Capoeira is flowing. That is why your basic move in Capoeira, the ginga, is not a static stance, it is what its name suggests, a move! So in Capoeira, our defence is also an art form in its own right. There are many ways to esquiva from a particular kick, but to choose the one which best allows you escape, yet continue to engage the opponent, that, is an art form.

Capoeira also does not rely solely on physical strength; as what I said above, it's not about making contact and not about K.O.-ing the opponent. It's about exposing the flaws and limitations of your opponent and capitalising on that little window of opportunity when you see it. And in doing so, you discover your own potential too. You may not be able to kick high or have a huge repertoire of kicks, but you make do with what you can and you can still prevail. When I was with my old school, we had to master a few moves before we are allowed to enter the roda. I believe that for any beginner, you must at least master (and note I said master, not just know) the ginga, one kick, and one esquiva, before you are able to engage any opponent in the roda. The other things you need: confidence, and skill in placement, cannot be learnt outside the roda, only when you are playing inside one.

I digress again about confidence. As much as you are afraid of that opponent who has more experience than you, he has equal reason to be afraid of you too. If he kicks you, you esquiva, if you land your kick in the correct place, you will force him to esquiva too! That said, do not go into a kicking frenzy thinking that as long as you are kicking, he will stay away from you. First, you will get tired. Second, if he is good, he can still get you. Third, art form! Some of you like to extend your leg from every imaginable position, hoping to rasteira or kick your opponent. What's worse, you are looking at the opposite direction when you are doing that. You are just showing that you are not in control of things, just wishing you will get the person, like trying to strike it big in lottery. There is no art in lottery, just chance. What I am trying to say is, I'd rather bring into the roda my ginga, one kick and one esquiva, which I mastered, and still be able to engage my opponent and give him a good fight, then leave the game to chance. Your opponent might have a whole slew of kicks up his sleeves that he unleashes upon you. But all you need is your simple ginga, the perfect lead-up to your queixada, and place your kick where he has nothing else to say but concede defeat.

I cannot remember how many digressions I got into. Capoeira beyond the moves. Basically, what I wanted to say is that it is easy to define Capoeira as every Tuesdays and Thursdays, learning some new moves and then having a roda. But put some thought into what you are doing. Capoeira is the delicate blending of the speed and shrewdness of the fight, the grace and agility of the dance and the rhythmic guidance of the music. If any of these elements were isolated, the heart of Capoeira is lost.

Costeleta/ Joshua

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thursday 5th Feb!!


We learnt a few other Axe-pumping Songs & i'm sure we can't wait to sing it in the next roda! However, if we desire the roda maravilhosa (marvelous roda), it must not only be filled with beautiful songs and energetic singing, but also with correct movements!! And so let's review what we learnt previous class...

The basic sequence is to get down to an esquiva frontao, move back into your negativa, switch leg & supporting hand, sweep your legs via ole to return to the Cadeira position and finally end off with an Au. Remember also to begin with a few ginga steps before executing this move. Ginga, ginga, ginga...

Now for the more challenging sequence: We start off by faking a kick with quexada feinte, followed by getting down into negativa aborta, recover and get down into esquiva frontau. From your frontau, while ensuring eye-contact with the other player, turn back into negativa with your back towards the opponent (i will find out the proper name for this move :P). Lastly, switch hands to ole & re-face your opponent and recover into cadeira position with both hands crossed in front of you for defence. Pretty confusing if your just reading without an image in mind, so good thing we've a video!!!

Meantime, don't forget to practise what we've learnt in the roda. Cya guys next class!

Axe meu camaradas

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

POST-Chingay Samba Night

Untitled-1, originally uploaded by CAbure.

*posted as a reminder of things-you-mis-if-you-don't-join-us!!! haha!! as ordered by Bambu

MONEY Matters $$$

Halo guys~

This is a reminder that it is time to pay up for the training fees! Yes, the loanshark is here!

The price is SGD $60.00 for the semester. Kindly pay up this thursday, 5th of Feb because I am going to have DnD on next thursday, 12th of Feb. And yea, the deadline is by next week. So please do remember to bring your $$! =)

If you don't know who the treasurer is, just bug the other members, they'll point you to me one way or another. =)

See you on thursday and have your money ready!