Friday, February 20, 2009

Last Thursday's Class

Hello every body..

I have failed you all!! I forgot to bring my camera, and so did the rest of the we're back to just reading text and learning moves from text. Today we went through 3 sequences.

The first sequence:

A- Melua De Frente
B - Queda quatro, Sharpa
A- Drop into Exquxiada, round about
B - Negativa Role

The 2nd Sequence

A - Melua Compasso
B - Esquiva frontal, Melua Compasso
A - Exquxiada, Role
B - Role

THe 3rd Sequence....Hmmmm i'm not too sure if its this one

A - Armada
B - Entrada, trying to vengativa
A - Drop into exquxiada and take down B at the knees
B - Escape with either a giro or a martelo rotado.

Hmmm I tink this is what we covered mostly Anyways, announcements!

Next tuesday we are going to SMU at 730 for a Group roda, I need to know who will be going down. Comment on this post or email me.

We are organizing Samba classes and I need to know who is interested, its $6 per class and there are only 2 classes. Please either comment on this post or email me at

Next Saturday SMU will be having a pageant cum performance showcase. We will be performing. For the beginners, you all will clap and sing songs to help, for the not so beginners, you may perform if you like or help with instruments, for the seniors...go down and boogie haha. Likewise, comment or email me.

Next thursday! We are having a club outing. Please poll and tell us what you prefer!

Ok thats all!

Love love


mvken said...

Going to SMU on Tuesday but not sure about Saturday.

mvken said...

ok this may sound noob but the only place i know on the list is Botak Jones...

tt said...

i'm going to the tuesday smu roda too ^_^