Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday's Class on Joshua's Bday!

Hello every one!

Good news!! ...Our instructor, Professor Jaguar, will be coming together with our Mestre, Mestre Luizinho Barrevento, in April!! Yay!!

Bad news ): I forgot to film today's entrada sequence..My camera's battery was down and the back up camera was too tied up to come up.. I'm really sorry!!! SOOOO I'm gonna write the sequence in words and the rest of the blog will be geared to helping you with your basics and polishing it up.

For the entrada, You step from a ginga to a parrella position, entrada, then swivel and use your back leg to step into your opponent's space. Points to note: Always maintain eye contact; When you swivel, make sure there is as little time where you don't see your opponent as possible. It's best if you can keep your back low so that your vision is clearer like the guy in this video as he does a giro. Notice his eye and head movements.

Next up, lets go back to basics on the Queda de Rins ( Kidney fall ). For the newcomers who were struggling with the positioning of the elbow, this video explains it quite clearly. The rule of thumb is that you have to support your body weight on your elbow together with your head and your other hand. It's kinda like a See Saw where your elbow acts as the pivot and you have to bring more of your weight to your arms and head to bring your legs up.

Ok, now lets go to your Au. Alot of us still have problems with it. I'm no exception and I have lots to improve on. This video will take you through on how to execute a nice Au (:

Ok i hope this post helps. Please please comment if you need me to put up more videos. If not, you can go search our blog on the title " Last Thursday's Class" in the "Chapters " Section on the right bar for our previous class postings (:

Love Love

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