Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thursday 5th Feb!!


We learnt a few other Axe-pumping Songs & i'm sure we can't wait to sing it in the next roda! However, if we desire the roda maravilhosa (marvelous roda), it must not only be filled with beautiful songs and energetic singing, but also with correct movements!! And so let's review what we learnt previous class...

The basic sequence is to get down to an esquiva frontao, move back into your negativa, switch leg & supporting hand, sweep your legs via ole to return to the Cadeira position and finally end off with an Au. Remember also to begin with a few ginga steps before executing this move. Ginga, ginga, ginga...

Now for the more challenging sequence: We start off by faking a kick with quexada feinte, followed by getting down into negativa aborta, recover and get down into esquiva frontau. From your frontau, while ensuring eye-contact with the other player, turn back into negativa with your back towards the opponent (i will find out the proper name for this move :P). Lastly, switch hands to ole & re-face your opponent and recover into cadeira position with both hands crossed in front of you for defence. Pretty confusing if your just reading without an image in mind, so good thing we've a video!!!

Meantime, don't forget to practise what we've learnt in the roda. Cya guys next class!

Axe meu camaradas

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