Friday, September 24, 2010

Workshop and Performance at ITE College East Tmrw 11-1pm

Hey guys, this is last minute but if u're game for it pls reply to Shiela or Faizal.
The Warriors of Brazil Capoeira performance group is going to
ITE Collge East for a performance and workshop tmrw. I think it's free for our students. It's from 11-1pm and there is limited availability. Pelase revert to
Shiela or Faizal by 4.30pm so they can help you register.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BBQ Matters

Time and place: Friday, 24th Sept, gather at 5.30 pm Toa Payoh MRT

Update: For those people coming late, here's the map to my place:

We've ordered otah, satay, drumlets and squid from the BBQ wholesale, but they're all from the protein group! So, to make a nutritious BBQ we still need:

1. carbohydrates - bread, potatoes, marshmallow (high GI, but still..), noodles
2. vitamins and minerals, a.k.a veggies and fruits - corn, tomatoes, capsicum, banana, mushrooms
3. water - bottled drinks
4. fats *the stuff that is not at all nutritious but makes life worth living* - chips, keropoks, chocolate
5. alcohol.. but I'm assuming some of the seniors are already super-excited to bring this hahaha..

Other stuff we need:
6. speakers for music? can we borrow the mini speakers from the cupboard? oh, and people with decent iTunes playlist since mine is hopeless.
7. entertainment - cards, games,etc. if some of you wanna do b-boy battle, we're totally cool with that ^^

Did I miss anything?
OK now the interactive part.. if you want to volunteer to bring anything, just post it as a comment below so everybody knows what other stuff to bring. Even if you're just gonna bring one bottled drink or a packet of chips, it counts!

See you all Friday!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Songs 16.09.10

Here's the song we learnt today, 'Berimbau Chamou Voce'. We learnt only the chorus and not yet the full song, because.. the capoeiraluanda website is down so I cannot search the complete lyrics ><

Ie ie ie
Berimbau chamou voce
Sim sim sim sim sim
Berimbau tocou assim

Ie ie ie
The berimbau is calling you
Yes yes yes yes yes
The berimbau is still playing *or, 'thus the berimbau is playing' *
And, here's the other song that we combined with it: (yeap we were technically learning two songs.. I'm cunning, I know.. ;p )

Berimbau tocou,

chamando a capoeira pra jogar,

dizendo que aquele que era bamba

hoje já não tem mais vez

todos tem o seu lugar

Corpo balancá ao ouvir o berimbau

na cadencia do jogo não quer mais parar

compreendendo a magia que em numa roda

lelele ele só quer vadiar

oh berimbau


Lyrics in the process of translation hahaha.. cuz I've translated it for myself but am still unsure on some parts.. I'll put it up as soon as I can find the translation on the net.

Great to hear everyone singing yesterday! And you know what, new members, these songs have never been sung in our roda before, so you're on par with the seniors here ^^ Show 'm what you've got yeah!



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

982 calories

That was how much energy we expended during yesterday's training.

Or for those of us who relate to energy in terms of food better (i.e. all of us) - that's just about slightly more than what we get from a plate of pasta!

In Morcego's words:

"Wow nice!
Faizal, ur entitled to eat pasta after every training haha (and that's just the conditioning portion :))"

And for those of you who thought it was a '7' on the exertion scale - you were right! (assuming my data is a gd representation for everyone)

Thanks Alif for sharing this training programme with us.

My body is still aching as I'm typing this but on my part, I'm looking forward to Round 2 tomorrow!

To everyone who just joined us on Tuesday and were looking forward to learning some kicks and moves, I must apologise if you did not get what you expected (did I hear someone say 'roda'? :P). Well don't worry - we'll definitely practice some actual capoeira techniques this time round - just after the interval training ;)

Salve Capoeira!

-Bom Garoto

ps: Dahlia, Rosinha and Shiela - I'm loving the discussion on the rule of 10,000. Jiayou Shiela! may you achieve your 10,000th Au before you turn 50...

Early Morning Inspiration

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10 000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10 000 times."
-Bruce Lee
If I do one au everyday (or average 7 per week), it's about 27 years and 3 months before I reach 10 000 au..


Still feeding off the axe from today's training,


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mestre Luiz needs our support

Yesterday night, Alif sent out a message to the ZCians. This is what he said:

"Dear ZCians,

I regret to inform u that our dear Mestre Luizinho will have to undergo a knee surgery for reconstruction/ support for his interior ligament. Therefore we can do our bit to pray for him for speedy recovery and health. You can msg him on FB, email him or call his mobile to wish him and to show your support as well. Please help to spread the word around. Thank you.

Muhammad Alif"

So everyone from NUS Capoeira, let's pray for our Mestre and wish him a speedy recovery. Hopefully we'll see him in tip-top shape again when he comes to Singapore this October for batizado.

-Bom Garoto

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm on a highway to...

Great run guys! Though as always, time is always fleeting and we could only savor 50% of the planned Capoeira Orientation run :(

Remember that staircase we passed by that looked like it led to somewhere unknown? I think i recalled someone (Jesmond?) suggesting it was a "Stairway to heaven"...haha

...well now allow me to refer to an idiom i've just learnt:
"L'enfer est plein de bonnes volontés et désirs"
(The road to hell is paved with good intentions)
~St Bernard

which can be interpretated in 2 ways:
a) A sincere action may lead to undesired results, leading one into the crap-hole
b) Intentions are non-actions, which will never happen, and thus wind you up in the hole.

Ok ok guys, you're prob wondering at this point "What's the link? Wassup with the literature and philosophy, dude? Where's the capoeira updates and videos?"

Guilty! :p

You're not gonna find much Capoeira in this post of mine. However, those are a few words of wisdom to apply in our daily lives, no?

ps: the origins to this post came from a rather humorous "good intention" i was suggesting to your club's president - A charity roda for an old folk's home :) What do u think? Falling onto St Bernard's wisdom and even using the quote's double meanings of (a) & (b), either way it looks like its

"I'm on a highway to hell!"

kk Capoeira vid of the day... watch out for the white-cord which is our very own Mestre Luizinho at last year's batizado in Gold Coast Australia :) ..... Benguela is liquid.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Training on Thursday 9/9/2010 (EDIT)

Hey People,

For training tomorrow please bring along your running shoes we are gonna have some secret training.....shhhh*

Bring the axe~ as well tomorrow



(edit: training today will be at MPSH6. MPSH2 is closed for a fencing competition)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

10 Types of Capoeira Beginners

(Article written by Shayna McHugh, taken from )

1.The shy, underconfident beginner: Not sure if they can do capoeira, too timid/delicate with movements, backs away from partner during exercises, afraid to enter the roda. Everyone else in the group encourages them to have more confidence.

2.The overconfident, know-it-all beginner: They think they're capoeira experts after the first week of classes; they jump right into the roda, but they lack control. Imagine themselves experts because they've read a lot about capoeira on the internet, but they haven't lived any of it yet. Everyone else in the group just sighs.

3.The eager-to-learn-but-not-terribly-physically-gifted beginner: Happy about learning capoeira, but somewhat of a walking disaster, because they lack one or all of the following: strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, body control. Tend to fall badly out of handstands and cartwheels, making everyone else in the group wince and hope they're not hurt.

4.The musically/rhythmically-handicapped beginner: Whose greatest struggle is clapping on beat, ginga-ing to the right rhythm, and singing on key. Everyone else in the group admires their sincerity but wishes they wouldn't sing disharmony.

5.The floreio-happy beginner: Attracted to capoeira for the fancy movements, wants to learn headspins and backflips before ginga and meia lua. Gets housed by instructor in roda after doing a macaco into the atabaque. Everyone else in the group hopes they'll someday understand what's really important in capoeira.

6. The overaggressive beginner: Wants to play the hard game right away, kicks the other player's face when they're upside down, tries to take mestre/instructor down in roda. Everyone else in the group finds them difficult to play with.

7. The "natural" beginner: The lucky few who are physically and musically talented, who pick up everything from the rolê to the pandeiro rhythm after being shown just once. Everyone else in the group wishes they were like that when they started.

8. The "inverse" beginner: Consistently does everything to the opposite of what they're supposed to do: ginga out of phase, kicks with the right leg when everyone else is kicking with the left, aú to the left when everyone else is going to the right, usually dodges kicks in the wrong direction. Everyone else in the group wonders if the hemispheres of their brain are switched, and tries to avoid training next to them in class.

9. The other-martial-artist beginner: Has good balance and body control because of extensive experience in other arts, but trouble adjusting to new techniques. In roda, forgets to ginga and resorts to TKD/karate/judo/kung-fu stance out of habit. Everyone else in group tells them to "GINGA!!!!"

10. The former-dancer/gymnast/cheerleader beginner: Has great flexibility and grace in their movement, but tends to point toes on kicks and look at the floor during handstands and cartwheels. Everyone else in the group admires their fluidity but wishes they would play a little less pretty and a little smarter.


Found the article when randomly browsing, and I can't help thinking which kind of beginner I am haha.. Think it's a combination of number 3 and 8.. 'tend to fall badly out of handstands'? Tell me about it huhu..

Anyway, enjoy the article and take it lightly. Chill if you think you're not a no 7 beginner because, seriously, it is your own personal journey and the important thing is how capoeira makes a difference in you ^^