Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Training on Thursday 9/9/2010 (EDIT)

Hey People,

For training tomorrow please bring along your running shoes we are gonna have some secret training.....shhhh*

Bring the axe~ as well tomorrow



(edit: training today will be at MPSH6. MPSH2 is closed for a fencing competition)


Anonymous said...

what time is secret training?? what time will training end tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry that's classified information

Anonymous said...

what the.. haha.. am assuming training will start as usual at 7 pm (see the announcement section before each training to check the time), and well, normally it ends 9.30pm but then again, supposedly tomorrow is 'special' ;p

Anonymous said...

pls don't blog it publicly if it's classified information.

it's so confusing for those who are interested to join this training but can't because it's a 'secret'? sigh.

shiela said...

Hi Guest, Shiela here, I'm the one that assumed training will start as usual 7pm. So sorry if one of the comments by our members sound inconsiderate.. Secret training.. it's a code for training with different than the usual warmup-movements-roda format.. between us we joke a lot about it so whoever's said it's classified information must've just wanted to joke a bit too.
But again, sorry for confusing you. Do give us a chance to redeem ourselves, drop by MPSH 2 and let us be extra nice to you ^^

NUS Capoeira said...

lighten up people! i think all that secrecy was just to build up some mystery to make everyone more curious and excited. that said, i'm so curious myself that I'm tempted to drop by after my make up tutorial class ends at 8pm to find out what it is. hope I don't miss too much by then!

so Anonymous, i don't think anyone said that you can't join just cause it's 'secret'. Just meet up with us at 7pm at mpsh2 in your trainers. We're friendly people and won't turn u away from joining us, all the more if you're new :)

The 'secret' part is just what Shiela said - we'll be doing something new and different. But what exactly noone knows... except the person leading training.(shd be u right, Morcego? :P)

-Bom Garoto

Rosinha said...

Hey cool! I'll drop by about 8pm too after a lecture replacement :)