Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BBQ Matters

Time and place: Friday, 24th Sept, gather at 5.30 pm Toa Payoh MRT

Update: For those people coming late, here's the map to my place:

We've ordered otah, satay, drumlets and squid from the BBQ wholesale, but they're all from the protein group! So, to make a nutritious BBQ we still need:

1. carbohydrates - bread, potatoes, marshmallow (high GI, but still..), noodles
2. vitamins and minerals, a.k.a veggies and fruits - corn, tomatoes, capsicum, banana, mushrooms
3. water - bottled drinks
4. fats *the stuff that is not at all nutritious but makes life worth living* - chips, keropoks, chocolate
5. alcohol.. but I'm assuming some of the seniors are already super-excited to bring this hahaha..

Other stuff we need:
6. speakers for music? can we borrow the mini speakers from the cupboard? oh, and people with decent iTunes playlist since mine is hopeless.
7. entertainment - cards, games,etc. if some of you wanna do b-boy battle, we're totally cool with that ^^

Did I miss anything?
OK now the interactive part.. if you want to volunteer to bring anything, just post it as a comment below so everybody knows what other stuff to bring. Even if you're just gonna bring one bottled drink or a packet of chips, it counts!

See you all Friday!



shiela said...

am gonna take care of the veggies part, plus maybe *maybe, alright* i'll see how many packets of indomie i have left and fry them haha..

Gabriel said...

Lets make the list here!
I will bring Vodka and Italian Syrup.

I need people to bring carbonated water aka club soda that is not flavored aka Sprite.

Faizal said...

Computing Faizal here... I'll try to see which games i can "Borrow" from computing club... see u all on Friday...

Van said...

Really sorry guys. I can't join the BBQ coz I have rehearsal at 7pm =( Just received the email today. Have fun!

imane said...

Hey and what about meat!! I am carnivorous!! haha

Bom Garoto said...

i'll bring some fats from the airport aft i'm done working. might be a little late so pls don't wipe out the otah2!

Ky said...

i'll bring some drinks as requested :) do we have any sambal to go with some juicy bbq-ed "terung"? XD

shiela said...

hahaha ky, yes we have.. u're talking about an indonesian household here.. ^^