Wednesday, September 15, 2010

982 calories

That was how much energy we expended during yesterday's training.

Or for those of us who relate to energy in terms of food better (i.e. all of us) - that's just about slightly more than what we get from a plate of pasta!

In Morcego's words:

"Wow nice!
Faizal, ur entitled to eat pasta after every training haha (and that's just the conditioning portion :))"

And for those of you who thought it was a '7' on the exertion scale - you were right! (assuming my data is a gd representation for everyone)

Thanks Alif for sharing this training programme with us.

My body is still aching as I'm typing this but on my part, I'm looking forward to Round 2 tomorrow!

To everyone who just joined us on Tuesday and were looking forward to learning some kicks and moves, I must apologise if you did not get what you expected (did I hear someone say 'roda'? :P). Well don't worry - we'll definitely practice some actual capoeira techniques this time round - just after the interval training ;)

Salve Capoeira!

-Bom Garoto

ps: Dahlia, Rosinha and Shiela - I'm loving the discussion on the rule of 10,000. Jiayou Shiela! may you achieve your 10,000th Au before you turn 50...

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