Monday, August 27, 2012

Sharing is Caring - NUS Capoeira Fundraiser

Hi guys,

Precisely on this day and tomorrow, you will find NUS Capoeira at the Arts linkway (block ADM) selling LaoPan Soy Beancurd! =)

Well, this is because the committee realizes that our semester fee is relatively 'pricey' compared to other martial arts club. Therefore, not only to appeal to the potential members and the freshmen, we would also like to help to reduce the financial burden on the current members. Since we won't be able to get any financial aid from NUS Sports Club nor NUS, we've got to help ourselves right? =D

We're still open for 'business' tomorrow (28 Aug '12) and its selling fast despite the cool, windy and gloomy weather today.

Do drop by to say hi if you're around =)

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