Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome Tea This Semester!

Ola camaras,

Muito obrigada for attending our recent Welcome Tea on Thursday!

To the new members, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and are pumped up to begin our trainings! Starting next week, we are going to begin our regular classes, with newer songs, sequences and so on. If you have any questions at all, please ask away! I hope the capoeira bug has already spread. (:

As for the seniors, welcome back! It is wonderful to see everyone again, and hopefully this welcome tea had you energised for more jogo bonito and great times ahead this semester! Keep training to be better and always put as much positive energy as you can into the grupo and jogo. Don't stop the axe!

For those who did not get to attend, you are most welcomed to join us for classes next week. Check out our training times on the top right-hand corner of this blog, or email us at for more enquiries.

See you next week, and keep checking the blog for updates!


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