Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Warring Eras

Right now in the heat of the turmoil rolling outside our studio doors, we stay strong and sing many a song!! I wanna thank all of you for singing your heart out and playing your heart out, no doubt some of us looked like fools hahaha, but its through our antics like that which brings about new moves and improvement to our own game. 

Tomorrow is the welcome tea and there is much work to be done. For all the freshies coming tml, remember to bring along a towel and a water bottle. No shoewear is required and our location is at the Multi-Purpose Hall 4. Oh oh remember to bring an open mind and heart to make new friends and do silly antics! (:

For the seniors and people who have joined us already, please extend a warm welcoming hand to the new people and help them however much as you can such as showing them how you do it your way hehe.

We all just want to play, we all just want to have fun.
We all wanna learn song, we all wanna attabaque.
No one's stopping us, when we sing as one!


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