Monday, August 18, 2008

How to Pose Capoeira Angola

Hello. This is for those of you who want to know how to make it look like you know what you're doing in Capoeira Angola.

Firstly, read this bit in Wikipedia--you know you can trust the Internet!

Then you can watch some videos on Youtube.

I like this one.

Mestre Jogo de Dentro ('Inside Game') is a legend for playing in tiny spaces.

Mestre Cobra Mansa is another legend. You saw him in the Angola Corrida video example in an earlier blogpost.

Then if you're still reading this post, this is my little soundbyte on Angola, which I mastered in the school halls of Singapore, in front of thousands of gullible schoolchildren:

The ginga is loose and relaxed--almost lackadaisical (not tight and obviously guarded like in Regional).

The kicks are primarily meia lua de compasso, chapa, chapa giratoria, meia lua de frente, chapeu de couro. Secondarily, low armadas. (Lastly, [IMHO] absolutely no martelos)

I think the objective is control of space, making as much movement possibilities for yourself while limiting your opponent's so that he can't move without opening himself for attack.

Movements are scrunched up (Au fechado, knees to chest) and closed. The game can oscillate between regular distance and really closed-in distance.

For the closed-in distance, when all eight limbs are on the floor, the objective is to position your primary weapons (feet, headbutt) in the spaces of threat to your opponent. These spaces are near his head (space from one of his shoulders to the other), his ribs (space between armpit and waist), and his gut.

Similarly, you are preventing the other guy from threatening your delicates. On the floor, you can use your knees & forearms to protect your gut. Thighs and movement for your ribs. Movement & forearms for your head.

Lastly, Angola has a lot of space for theatrics--praying, hexing, giggling, being your own appreciative audience, scratching your own backside and feigning injury (like Mestre Jogo de Dentro), so ham it up! (Actually, I'm of the opinion that you can do that in any Capoeira game, as long as you don't get beaten up.)

Stay Sexy, Fellow Poseurs!

PS: Yes, I know I don't play like these guys! You don't have to remind me!

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Bryan said...

here's another angola video from youtube

its played to a "bangela" beat yet you can see all the control, grace, fun and cunning similar in an angola one.