Friday, August 29, 2008

28th August's Class

You learnt:

Martelo: those who can, do.

Those who cannot, teach. :D

Meia Lua de Frente

Esquiva Frontal

Esquiva Lateral

Esquiva variants for the truly badass.

You also learnt:

You'll need to scroll down to find it first.

Lembra ê, lembra
I couldn't find a link with a translation, so bear with me:
She remembers, she remembers
She remembers of the red (vermilion) earth
She remembers, she remembers
She remembers of the red earth
[the last two lines]
She remembers of the earth that is good
She remembers of the earth that is best

Interpretation: I'm really not qualified, but my guess is that apparently in the nations of Africa where the people were enslaved, there must have been a lot of red soil.

A hora é essa

Special request from Caburé and Hassan: Navio Negreiro (Mestre Gytaúna)

Navio Negreiro (Mestre Marcos Gytaúna)

Negros que vieram de Angola

No navio negreiro

Veio para Bahia

Viver no cativeiro


Uoioiô ioioiô oioiô ioioiô

Oioiô ioioiô uoioiô ioiô

Negro não é mais escravo,

Negro não sofre mais não,

Negro é o sentimento

Da cultura da nossa nação


Uoioiô ioioiô oioiô ioioiô

Oioiô ioioiô uoioiô ioiô

Eles foram maltratados no tempo da escravidão,

Tratados como animais pela branco opressão.

Porém sempre lutaram e a fé nunca falhou

Com a força dos orixás a liberdade chegou


Uoioiô ioioiô oioiô ioioiô

Oioiô ioioiô uoioiô ioiô

Negros that came from Angola

Into the slave ship

Headed for Bahia

Living in captivity

The Negro is not slave-like

The Negro's place is not to suffer more

The Negro is the sentiment

Of the culture of our nation

They were mistreated in the time of slavery

Treated like animals by the white oppression

Still they continued fighting and a belief that never faltered

With the force of the orixás

(candomblé deities) freedom came

If you want the CD, buy it from Mestre Val Boa Morte. The CD is called 'Berimbau de Fé'. It will probably cost you S$25.


Youcef Banouni said...

Hi All!

I want to really support you in the collection and publication of the moves we learn at each class.
I may add, as a suggestion of improvement if you have time, to link the names of the steps with Youtube videos. It's really a good complement to the class/practice presence time to refresh up the old memories as we learn new moves.

Besides, please do share if you have good contents about the Capoeira-oriented out-of-class conditioning: warm-up, flexibility and strength.

See you on Tuesday!

EW said...

Thanks for the feedback, Youcef. I've linked up some Youtube videos (obviously they are better than Chimp's pictures). I hope they help.

Here's a .pdf on stretching. I don't pretend to be an expert, and my personal advice would be to get professional advice. :)

Youcef Banouni said...

Thanks so much for the videos. Remember to keep it up ;)
I am reading the document on stretching. I discover flexibility to be so important while unfortunately too poorly documented online, so this document of yours really stands out. Thank you again.
By the way, the correct link to the document on stretching is here. New readers, enjoy!

Hassab said...

Im trying to memorize this song.