Friday, August 1, 2008

Like silent death, we stalk the night!

Hello! This is a really cool trick you can do with your verga.

Sensei Park, better known as 'Choson Ninja', sententiously meditates: "[the Choson Ninja Youtube channel] is devoted to the people who can not afford Martial Arts or have no Schools to learn Martial Arts..."

Starving martial artists. Yup, that's us, alright. And thanks to Sensei Park, you know what to do with your berimbau when the cavalaria come charging down the street.

Now let's say you're cornered in the roda, and the guy looks like he's going to chapa (you can tell because he's approaching you ass-first on all fours ;) ). Don't esquiva! You can't go under it! Escape with style!

Sometimes in the game, there is an opportunity to negotiate for space (i.e. corner the bugger). You need to move around him, but how fast can you ginga? Enter Sensei Park to the rescue with a cool ninja sidestep! Yes, it is okay to move around without ginga-ing, and how much cooler when your head stays in the same horizontal line?!

Lastly, for those of you getting over a summer fling, Sensei Park has these words of comfort (mind you, it's 10 minutes). Or you could just solve it the Brazilian way! for me!

Stay Sexy,


Bambu said...

Is the ninja guy serious..... I always doubted the credibility of ninjitsu and its practises..what do you tink about it?

no doubt I'd look damn cool swinging my verge like that hahaha

EW said...

I think in theory ninjitsu says something like, BACKSTAB! Then run away. Use whatever works.

Then again most things look good in theory.

But the spinning is just to look cool, lah. And why are you concerned about efficacy? You're in capoeira, for heaven's sake!