Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Today's Class

Hey every body!

Today's class was a blast. Please please remember to stretch at home if you can so that you will not pull a muscle. 

For today's class you all did:
Melua De Frente
Esquiva Lateral & Esquiva Frontal

Some of us went for dinner just now and here are the pics. Do join us next time if you guys are hungry (:

As the resident Masseur, I feel that it is important to give yourselves a good rub down to ease the sore muscles. I have found some nice youtube videos that teaches basic self massage so see if it can help you guys yeah?

For the Feet;
& Of course the Lower Back

Oh yah! I forgot to announce, we're going to Sentosa this sunday for a Roda! Yes! It will be from 4 - 6 pm at Siloso beach. I'll tell you guys more on thursday.

Love Love


roman said...

Oh man! EW looks damn scary la! LOL =X

joan said...

i agree!!! haha.

EW said...

TK! I thought *I* was the resident masseur! Man!

pek/cabure said...

hehehe....Roman and EW look lik' brothers' from certain angles...hahaha

roman said...


Got meh??? =.=''''

It's very different! He got no hair! I got lots of it. LOL

EW said...

Oh puh-leeeze. I am *way* better looking.

Bambu said...

If you guys noticed i took out somebody from that picture hahahaha

pek/cabure said...

hahahaha!!!! 'earthworm's hair is still there though...hahahaha!!! but only we can recognize la...