Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scandinavian Malícia

Who knew they practised Capoeira in Norway too?

Malícia is loosely translated as guile, cunning, deception, streetsmarts. It's what you develop as a 'side-effect' of playing the game of capoeira. You learn to read--at least when you are playing capoeira--other people, whether they're committing or faking, what they intend to do, how they'll react to your [faked] actions.

Have you seen other examples of the legendary malícia in action? Post them up in the comments section! They could be links or even anecdotes!



tk said...

Our attabaque is definitely Malicia

EW said...

Dude, I dunno whether you can see this, but this is the funniest comment I didn't read for 5 years!