Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Learn Some REAL Capoeira!

Feeling stressed from schoolwork?

Need to smash something expensive?

Feel the need? The need for SPEED?

Play Capoeira Fighter 3! Challenge your friends! Do sick moves you never would have dreamed of!

PS: Oh, and tell us who your favourite character + combos is in the comments section!


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mvken said...

woot ! Cool game. Need some screenies to attract more attention.

EW said...

Good point, Ken. We've put in a youtube video that should explain it all. Thanks.

Hassan Arif said...

damn you for posting this now i keep wasting my time

EW said...

Hassan, while you are wasting your time, take some time off to tell us who your favourite character is. :P

Hassan Arif said...

Mastre Rochedo mainly cause thats the only guy i know how to put up a fight with. i keep playing against Saturno his ginga sucks. Angola Ginga

EW said...

My favourite character is Perereca. I'm still figuring out how to use her, but her ginga is very aggressive. Me like. Hahaha!

mvken said...

mayonaise?? button spam ftw!! and the character Johnny Zappa probably got his name from the Guilty Gear series.

john said...

how come the old man throws stuff at the big burly guy? can i do that in a roda too?