Tuesday, September 23, 2008

23rd September's Class

Okay, some of you might have accidentally picked up the Meia Lua de Compasso:

Although this guy is trying to kill hobbits, you should be trying to hit human-sized targets.

Everything else was realising that you're actually aiming for something with your other kicks (Martelo, Queixada, Meia Lua de Frente).

Us people who pretend better tried to kill kicking pads with:

Martelo do chão (Martelo from the Ground), which is like a Chapeu de Couro (Hat of Leather, or Leather Hat), but from Esquiva Frontal. Below is Chapeu de Couro:

Au Chibata: There are two types: one where you end up in parallela and the other where you end up in negativa. This is the upright version.

Tricky Meia Lua de Compassos

Gancho (Hook) from faked Martelo. Youtube only has the Gancho, sans feint.


I caution: do not actually hit with the armada of the parafuso, or you are going to crash painfully into the floor!

Yeah, it does seem like learning Capoeira from Youtube, no? Hahaha! Anyway, one last thing for berimbau players:

It's not exactly a 32 string piano (or however many strings a piano has) with an Orlando Bloom 'Legolas beat', but it's still pretty cool. I never knew you could play it like that! His name is Naná Vasconcelos. You can find other psychedelic videos of him on Youtube. Stoke up your bong pipe and prepare to get stoned!

Stay Sexy (and don't do what I did in the roda today),


Bambu said...

I really liked today's training. For once I could apply more practical moves. Thanks EW for sharing, it was great!

-I'll try to make the target practice a monthly thing. TKD has said ok to us (:

EW said...

Share? You mean lending you my change, right? Yeah sure, no problem. It's not like I'm *TEACHING* or anything!

mvken said...

The title is 24th September's Class...24th is Wednesday right?

EW said...

Oops. Very good, Ken. You have seen our planted Easter Egg. You win 200 points! We have changed the title.