Monday, September 8, 2008

Sentosa Roda!!

Hello every body!

Sorry for the late post. I couldn't find my camera cable! I borrowed my hall mate's one and thanks to her, here are the photos (:

Well the weather wasn't too sunny but the temperature was just right, not too hot, not too cold. We had our dear dear Ying Wen ( the gal in blue ) and our handsome sentosa guide Alvin and Adrian join us. We had alot of fun practicing the quixadas, melua defrentes, esquivas and aus.

I learnt something important that day. When we play in the roda, or when we enter the roda, we have to not only look out for our opponent but we have to also scan the surroundings for any objects that might cross our path in the roda. I failed to check the roda and its surroundings before I entered and when I Au-ed in, my legs landed on a charging toddler. My my...that poor girl. I'll bet she will grow up to have a fear of Au-s and capoeira ( or I might have knocked her IQ up to that of Einstein!)

Just my 5 cents worth (:

Love Love

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