Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who in the world is Mestre Luizinho?!

Well......He's our Mestre! He's that cool chap who guide's us. Although he is based in Australia, he comes over every quarter to give us free workshops to make sure all of us are in shape (:

This is some information about him I got from the ZC main website:

Luizinho Barravento was born in Salvador - Bahia - Brazil on the 26th of March 1974. Luiz has been involved with Capoeira since the age of three. He began in 1977 with his father and teacher Mestre Geni. He has travelled around Brazil and South America doing displays to promote Capoeira Zambiacongo. He studied physical education from 1993 - 1995 but deferred his studies and travelled to Australia to extend Capoeira Zambiacongo.

Luizinho Barravento opened the first Australian Zambiacongo Capoeira School at the Gold Coast, Queensland in January 1996. In 2000, he became a Mestrando (level below Master). This was the year Luiz also took a group of 10 Zambiacongo Students to travel Brazil and his home state of Bahia, allowing his students to gain even more knowledge and experience with the history of Capoeira.

Luiz has followed in the footsteps of his father and contributed to the growth of Zambiacongo and not just only in Brazil. The group is growing immensely and he has established schools in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Kingscliff and Darwin.

In 2002 Luizinho was graded as a Master in Capoeira by his father Master Geni. That same year Luizinho made the top 10 in the World Capoeira Championship organised by Group Muzenza in Curitiba - Brasil.

Mestre Luizinho is currently running academy on Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.

And with that is the workshop he gave us in 2007:

Now for Part 2

Yup! Thats a really short introduction of him and you HAVE to meet him cause he just exudes positive vibes...he literally glows with it haha.

Love love

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Bryan said...

Mestre Luzinho admitted to ole-ing out of his mother's womb the day he was born into this earth :) LOL!