Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Its Mugging Time!

Hello Every body!

Its Mugging Time! Yey! Time to hit those books after hitting Capoeira sessions. Well for those of you who are stressed I highly recommend South Park/Simpsons/ Family Guy/ American Dad to de-stress. This is a study tip site (:

Ok, if you have headaches or neck aches from diving in those books; this is a rejuvenating massage:

Or! You could try Hypnotherapy to relieve stress! I've tried it and boy does it do wonders hehehe. Ok now, I know you're studying really hard, but do the two polls on the side bar regarding Tuesday Sessions please pretty please!

For those who have not replied me in the mail regarding your T-shirts and committee and BBQ, hurry up and do so!

Love Love 
Bambu (:

-ps, I have hamsters to adopt, 2 babies right now hurry and reply me if you want them

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monika said...

I absolutely love these hamsters!!! I wish I could squize and hug them!!! Such a shame I can't take them on an airoplane!!!