Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This Will Slow You Down!

Some of you may have, in your gullibility, consumed a slice or two of carrot cake. Well click on it and weep, people, because one slice is 583 Calories! Yup, as a sedentary student, you only require 2000 (ladies) or 2400 (gents). That was a WHOLE MEAL you warfed down your throats! You might not feel it at first, but three years down the road when you are running after that infrequent bus 95, your heart will give up the ghost and you'll just keel over and die. Looks like you had better not skip classes anymore. You'd better go down to Sundays' Sentosa rodas as well.



TT said...

wa... 583 calories???

anyway, the carrot cake is nice... you don't always come across guys that can actually cook or even bake... :p

btw, i'm going down to sentosa this sunday for capoeira and Stand Up... anyone else interested?

--++ "aliph" ++-- said...

wooohoooo...carrot cake all the way.

no serious, carrot cake all the way.

just dont forget to burn the calories lor with a truck load of capoeira! haha

joan said...

haha how awfully nice of you EW!

lala said...

ew!!! thanks for everythin!!!

mvken said...

Slow us down more often :)

Hassan said...

free food will eat