Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In the World of Kung Fu, Speed Determines the Winner

This is a clip from Kung Fu Hustle. It's the international English-dubbed version. I find so many great lessons in capoeira, like this post's title, in this movie.

And this is a fan vid.

Yes, I have wasted your time.
As in the roda, as in Life. :P


PS: Please leave in the comments your favourite capoeira quotes from the movie (or any movie!). Remember to add 'As in the roda, as in Life.' at the back!


EW said...

Sing: [after remembering being beaten as a child] I realized then that good guys never win. I want to be bad. I want to be the killer! [As in the roda, as in Life.]

EW said...

Brother Sum: So you are the top killers now.

Gu Qin Players: Strictly speaking, we are just musicians. [As in the roda, as in Life.]

mvken said...

EW: Stay hot on your feet but cool in your mind. [As in the roda, as in Life.]