Friday, October 10, 2008

9th October's Class

What we've learnt.
recap of Martelo:

Take note of the entrada where the foot points outwards. This makes it easier for you to swing your hips to the side.

Banda/Rasteira em pé :

Here's another video which shows the whole sweep in action (and another move).

So this cool move is used to counter the Martelo. When executing try to put your weight towards the bent leg.

Other moves which we practised:
Au com Negativa (Au to negativa)
Negativa to Rolé

Also in today's class we learnt how to sing these songs:
É de couro de boi
É de couro de boi, é de couro de boi
Olha o meu Atabaque é de couro de boi

Translation (courtesy of Eng Wen):
"Look at my Atabaque,
It's [made of] the leather of the bull"

and the first part to the Zambiacongo Theme Song

"Sou Zambiacongo de Geni sou da Bahia"

I am Zambiacongo, which came from Mestre Geni who is from Bahia

"Sou Regional do Bimba Angola de Canjiquinha"

He learnt Regional from Mestre Bimba and Angola from Mestre Canjiquinha

So that's all for my first post. If there's anything to be added or rectified please post your comments (Lalitha, Tiang Tiang, EW please edit the post if required).

First post,


Anonymous said...

OMG! I think Ken is just the cutest new guy in capoeira, lah!

mvken said...

Cute ? Hmm... this is the first time someone called me cute. Then again this may be Lalitha or EW pulling a fast one on me giving false hope.

Bambu said...

Well done ken! I like the post hahaha (: so proud of u

EW said...

Cute?!?! KEN!?! How come nobody says such things on *my* posts?

mvken said...

oh no I'm gonna get my @$$ kicked by EW in the Roda this week.

Bryan said...

Haha great! So thats how u spell "wo you mei you Atabaque"