Saturday, October 18, 2008

18th Oct’s Class..

For those who missed this Thursday’s class, Joe was back! Yeae!!!

After some killer stretching and even-more-killer warm-up we got down to trying out a couple of new sequences.

The main focus of this class was on how to move within the Roda. You know the seniors always advice us not stick to the same position (or “angles” as they phrase it) within the roda? On how we should continuously shift or position within it?!? Well, we learnt a couple of sequences for such movement. The individual moves as such are not new to us, but the sequence in which it is coupled maybe..

Sequence 1:
Esquiva fronte. Negativa. Negativa again( this is the tricky part). Role. Au.

When your doing the second Negative, we don’t really have to pronounce each action of the Neagtiva, cos honestly this will take way too long to complete. From your first negativa position, slightly bounce on your feet, swap your legs and hands to produce the second negative.

Jus a couple of pointers.. when doing the role, you maintain yourself in a ball (you don’t need to stretch your legs) and keep yourself low. At the end of the Role, keep yourself low. This will help in the transition to Au.

Sequence 2:
Entrada, followed by Sequence 1.

We also learnt a couple of transition moves, just to move around the Roda and makes the game more aesthetically appealing! But erm, we did not know the name to it. Once I do get the names,I shall try posting videos on how to do it. (Sorry, typing down the sequence is gg to be pretty complicated, but you’ll can ask me during the next class and I’ll be more than willing to teach you’ll)

But that was pretty much it for the class!

Oh... and ya, jus rmb this, playing capoiera is like being in a relationship.. Its all about the eye contact!! (cant believe i jst typed this, nvm..)
for capoeira.


mvken said...

Hmm... Eye contact... very important indeed.

Bambu said...

I like the multicolored Post!

Oh and I tagged the blog for you (:

Love love

pek/cabure said...

Playing caapoeira is like being in a relationship....that all you had to say and nothing else......nicccccceeeeeee.............
thanks for that reminder...=]

EW said...

Capoeira is like being in a relationship: If you don't respect yourself, you get walked over. But if you don't respect the other, well, then you're not in a relationship. :P

tt said...

Capoeira is like being in a relationship...
i'll always keep this in mind~

lala said...

thanks bambu for taggin.. me forgot!! =)
and ohhh.. ew i like ur version a lot!!!

EW said...

Yes Lala, unbeknownst to most, some people have made entire CAREERS out of spouting capoeira analogies! :P