Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This Saturday's Capoeira Retreat

Hey sexy capoeiristas!

Itching to destress with capoeira from the intense school work? We are scratching too!

That is why this Saturday we are planning a mini-retreat at Sentosa beach, and you are invited to come!

Be prepared to be sun-kissed and consumed by axe as we will most certainly inject some capoeira in the evening. For those who are up for it, we could do some tricking and practise some flips!

Meeting Time:

Meeting Place:
Harbourfront MRT ticketing counter

Things to Bring:
- Change of clothes & towel
- Suntan lotion
- Money
- Volleyball, Frisbee, anything you'd like for playing at the beach
- Snacks if you may,
- Homework if you can't help yourself,
- Axe if you must (oh and you must!)

Do confirm your attendance with us personally or via email at You may also access the Facebook Events page at here.

Also, contact Angeline (9835-4060) or KY (84444-319) for further information!

See you there!

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