Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jogo galore!

For the past two weeks we have moved away from the usual benguela roda that we are so accustomed to. Aside from some crazy conditioning by a certain crazy capoeirista (don't worry, this will tone down next week), we have since been exposed to a little of regionalangola, maculele and samba! Now isn't that a chunk!

As you have noticed (and for most of you, this being the reason you love this art), capoeira is an amalgamation of so many things, such as music, history, language, philosophy, and martial arts. Because of this, the game doesn't revolve around some ass-kicking self-defense skills, as the letras go, "Isso jogo capoeira, nao e karate". It becomes complicated when all these different aspects interweave to generate different styles and ways of moving the bodies along with music. This means you have more excitingly diverse games in capoeira to express yourselves in!

To veeeerrrryyyyyy briefly recap what you've learnt:
angola - challenging as it involves more mandinga or trickeries,
regional - also demanding and sweat-inducing as it requires quick-thinking and high-intensity kicks,
maculele - the fun stick-dance you learnt last Thursday. Remember the V-shape!
samba - that petrifying hip-moving dance... for some it's more hardwork than angola, though evidently most of you can really move to the yummy beats of samba (not to be confused with sambal)!

These are only but a few out of the great treasure chest of capoeira styles. We will hopefully learn more about them as we train, but the important thing is that you enjoy yourselves.

We apologise that we can't write as much on the blog due to towering amount of assignments. But we will try our best to post more on these different games here when we are liberated from the unforgiving essays!

For now ginga along and it will all be muito beleza!


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Bryan said...

Nice post Rosinha!
Yeah! So many aspects so little time... like a shopper exploring Vivocity, you will probably walk off in one direction of one wing of the mall but you will realise that in order to shop at the other end of Vivocity, you will have to return to the mall's centre before starting off for the other end... I never did understood Vivocity's complicated layout :p