Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Step It Up!

Ola camaras!

Since our return from Recess Week, we hope all of you have been enjoying our trainings so far! 

We'd like to thank Instrutor Pixote from Grupo Senzala for visiting us last Thursday and for providing us with a wealth of capoeira wisdom and knowledge, even if we've only met for such a short time. It was certainly an invaluable encounter and we hope we will be able to meet again in another roda. 

Muito obrigada, Instrutor! 

If you remember (or feel from the lingering axe of last Thursday's roda), Instrutor Pixote introduced a song in the roda called, "Pisa Cabloco". Let's try to sing it in the roda next! For the benefit of those who would like to learn the song, here's a short clip and the lyrics:

Letra (lyrics)

Pisa caboclo 
quero ver você pisar (I want to see you step)
pisa la que eu piso ca (I step on the floor)
quero ver você pisar (I want to see you step)

Pisa caboclo
quero ver você pisar

Na brida do meu samba (in the bridle of my samba)
quero ver você dançar (I want to see you dance)

Pisa la que eu piso ca (I step on the floor)
quero ver quem vai pular (I want to see who will jump)

Na batida do meu gunga (In the beat of my gunga)
quero ver você pular (I want to see you jump)


This song has an upbeat tempo and is pretty fun to sing when the energy in the roda is beginning to build up. I like it because it highlights the importance of being responsive and aware in the roda. When "I" am "stepping" or "dancing" on the floor, "I" want "you" to respond too. 

Thus, this song to me is a way of encouraging the other person to react and not merely play an individual game - part of the point in a jogo de capoeira! I like simple songs like this where you can draw so many interpretations out. 

But what do you think? Feel free to comment here how this song means to *you*! (:

As for our regular trainings, let's hope we can level up our game and always remember the lessons we've learnt from all our teachers in capoeira, such as Instrutor Pixote.

Axe everyone!

Rosinha (my first post!)

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