Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grupo Senzala Penang Workshop with Professor Parabolica

Early this month, a few of us capoeira junkies headed down to Penang for an invaluable workshop weekend with an experienced teacher in capoeira, Professor Parabolica from Grupo Senzala.

While we admittedly stuffed ourselves with some irresistable Penang delicacies and the much-talked about Penang laksa (can you blame us, really?), the workshop was what satisfied our hunger for good yummy capoeira!

We would like to extend our deep gratitude to our fellow capoeiristas in Penang and especially to Professor Parabolica for the fantastic workshop as well as Instrutor Pixote! It is always good to learn from experienced teachers like them while also sharing our interests and passion with other capoeiristas irregardless of grupo, age, race, and so on. It certainly fueled our interest in capoeira!

I would like to also personally thank the NUS capoeira seniors for being insane and therefore cool enough to take a 10-hour drive to attend my grupo's (Grupo Senzala) workshop. It means a lot, and you are always welcomed to train with the grupo in Penang!

Muito obrigada!


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