Friday, January 16, 2009


Hey guys/babes,

Thank you all for coming down to welcome tea. The show up was great and you all partcipated really well. Most of us started much worse than you guys...cos we had alot of problems getting our right hand/right leg in place. Well, this are a few links about Capoeira, our previous posts that are relevant and videos to entertain you while you are attending lectures hur hur.

Capoeira History with a coool lil video (:

For a list of moves and videos that we have learnt the last semester. This includes basics, some cool moves and flourishes

Funny movie where capoeira is the baddie again:

All right, now for the people who were here since last semester, you learnt quite a few nice moves.

Ok i Couldnt find a video for this move soooo the first thing i thought of was this movie. Its at 0:22. Its similar to what we learnt. In this video, the move is from a ponte into a negativa and a role.

Ok if any of you find better videos, please post! Good night!

Oh ya, for those people who missed today's welcome tea but didnt turn up, no worries, you can drop by any time (:

Love Love

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