Sunday, January 11, 2009

Capo Chicks!

Hello every one,

Today at the chingay rehearsals we were trying out random moves when someone mentioned to me that men do moves easier cos we have bigger muscles..welll.....I beg to differ, yes men tend to do more explosive moves, but men sometimes just lack that grace that a lithe feminine body can exude. So it brings me to the mail that our senior ******** sent. I decided to just cut and paste it to retain its original flavor:

"Hey people at Capo NUS, 

Sometimes in moments of weakness, I surf youtube for capo videos, and strangely enough, the first few I find before I get a hold of myself are pretty damn good! Maybe you might want to put these on the blog:

Wow, I don't know how to describe that one. It's not flashy, nor fast-paced, but it's very intense. There's so much sophistication and maturity in these players. Erm, you'll probably get what I mean when you watch it, and if you don't, well, just take my word for now. :)

This next one has some really cool acrobatics done by ladies. The acrobatics are cool, regardless of sex, of course, and that's not really why I'm suggesting this video. Check out the cruel cutavelada at 1:35! OW!!!!

Yup... just watching those women flow in the roda makes my knees weak. And to add on to the thought about women in capoeira, here's a link to a post by our dear friend joaninha

All right, Happy reading and keep practicing!

Love Love


clare said...

check out crazy s*** 2:23.... amazing.

clare said...

in the 2nd video i meant...

Joaninha said...

Hey Bambu, thanks for the link! :) Hope you guys are doing well over there!