Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bantus Roda!

Today, 4 brave warriors stepped into unstepped territory! Me, Pek, Sanny and Josh played in the Bantus Roda at Clarke Quay and boy was it fun!! We learned alot from Graduado Claudinho. A surprise visitor came too! Contra Mestre Silvio do Berimbau. He showed us what a hard game would be like and I got to admit, it was a very fresh perspective.

I liked the song singing and the axe at the roda. After the roda, we had a Samba de Roda session and it was the first time for me and the boys...but when we hopped in, the music just took over and we boogied like never before( Sanny boogies all the time so he was in a natural setting..I wonder what Ian would do seeing that Ian loves to dance too haha).

Next time there is another roda, I'll be sure to call you guys down. It was good to meet other people in singapore who loves capoeira (:

*Thank you Graduado Claudinho for letting us join your roda and thank you Jemuel for inviting us hahaha*

Lots of Love


Anonymous said...

Wah that girl dancing with Sanny is hot.

Bryan said...

Samba de Roda!! :)