Friday, January 23, 2009

Today's Class

Hello People!

Today for the people from last semester and with cordaos, we learnt a neat sequence. I can't find a video online yet but when I do i'll add it here for all to see. For the pair sequence:

Person 1 does Melua Compasso into a Negativa, Excuxiada (Sorry I dunno how to spell it haha), Au with the opposite leg, land in a Passiert position, tug in your back leg into a Bote position then transit into Queda de Quatro, move back a few steps before getting up to block.

Person 2 does Esquiva Frontal, Melua Compasso, Troca, Role, Ginga Position, step forward and Bencao.

It's pretty hard to visualize but please try haha, it will build your vision for the game :p

For ground work: Esquiva Frontal, Negativa, Role, Role Cabaesa, Ponte Cabaesa, Kick over sideways. Below is a video of other moves with a Ponte and a walkover. Take note of 0:10 . I can't find any other videos of a ponte and a walkover so if you can please please place it in the comments hehe

Ok for your entertainment, look at Super Capoeira Kids posted by Clare. I admit, I'm jealous looking at the video..if only Capoeira came to Singapore long long time ago haha.

Love Love
Bambu (:

Ken will post the moves that the beginners learnt.

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mvken said...

this one isn't exactly a ponte walkover but the queda de rim part
are quite similar.