Friday, January 23, 2009

22 January's Class

Wow Bambu sure is fast at posting blogs.

Ok getting back to the post, here are some of the basic movements
that we learnt or revised today.

Meia Lua de Frente

if you have been following the's the "youtube capoeira lesson guy" video again.
For this kick, it's important to take note of the leg entering, notice how it is pointed about 45 degrees to the direction of your kick. Make sure your kick goes all the way through , don't stop halfway.

next we have....

Points to take note of ...
1) Keep your eyes on ... whatever you are kicking at. Before turning and after turning as well. Look and aim before you kick.
2) Spin on the heel for the kicking leg and spin on the ball of the non kicking leg.
3) Give a good twist to your waist.

Practise enough and you will be able to kick 3 times in a row just like Honda-san. :)

For defense we have...

remember palms flat on the floor and as usual cover your face :)

Did i forget anything?
Feel free to post your comments and maybe links to other videos as well.

As in the roda, as in life,

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