Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome Tea 2011 Sem 2

Tuesday 11th Jan & Tuesday 18th Jan 2011 Welcome Tea

Interested in picking up something new this semester? Come try out Capoeira - an afro-brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts,music, and dance. You've seen it in Ong Bak. You've seen it in Tekken. Now, we invite you to see for yourself what Capoeira is like - right here in NUS.

Absolutely no background is necessary. Just come with an open mind and we'll share with you the basics of Capoeira: starting with the ginga (basic fighting stance); followed by two kicks - the martelo and meia lua de frente; and lastly, the esquiva (dodge). At the end of the Welcome Tea, you'll get a chance to join the roda (lit: wheel) where a game of Capoeira is played and use the moves that you've learned.

The Welcome Teas will be held on Tuesday over the next two weeks and you only need to choose 1 date to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!

See you guys at the Dance Studio 7pm.

The Dance Studio is at the Sports Recreation Centre near the swimming pool above the rock climbing gym.

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