Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NUS Capoeira Upcoming Activities

Hey guys,

Lots of activities coming up soon

1) Our very own Capoeira NUS Day Retreat to Pulau Ubin

29/1/2011 Saturday

Itinerary courtesy of Rosinha:

Meeting Time & Place:
whichever is more convenient,
- 9am (Outram Park MRT), or
- 10am (Tanah Merah MRT)

- head to Pulau Ubin, rent a bicycle, and explore the island!
- hopefully by 5pm (depending on how much fun we have & how our capoeira timing might work that day), we will head to Angeline's place for a BBQ!

Halal. We've also ordered some vegetarian food, so do not fret!

Don't forget to bring:
- umbrella (just in case!)
- extra clothes & towel
- waterbottle
- extra pocket money in case you might want to eat along the way!
- and of course, positive energy and axe!
- ID to rent the bike

If you have any queries, please contact:
Van (82355 988) and Liani (8317 0059)
Also, please remember to confirm if you are going (and where you would like to meet) to either one of us by this Wednesday night.

2) Monthly Roda & Pre Roda Floeiros session by Aliff at Scape

30th January 2011, Sunday @ SCAPE

Hey guys!

Its our time of the month again! Time to put on your whites for the time of the month! This sunday, 30th January at SCAPE, same spot, same place.

By the way, 1 hour before the session there will be a floreio session by Alif!

Time for Floreios: 330pm - 430pm
TIme for Roda : 430pm - 630pm

3) Lou Yu Sheng @ NUS or Chinese Raw Fish & Fish Maw prosperity luck producing salad for all those who need a translation After our training on Tuesday, 1/2/2011

4) Helping out @ an orphanage, Faizal will update us about this up coming event but it is our club's CIP event, in short we are gonna bring Fun, Laughter, Peace, Joy and most importantly AXE to the people.

Happy lunar new year 恭喜发财, 步步高升 or in Portuguese:
Avante e para cima!



Rosinha said...

Capoeira Weekend!

KY said...

SOUNDS YUMMYYYYYYYY!!! mann, i wana go so badly!!

anyway,whats floreio?

NUS Capoeira said...

it literally means "flourish". but essentially they're the 'flowery' movements in capoeira...

see this link for a better idea:

-bom garoto

KY said...

Wow! thanks bom garoto, for sharing the vid. That guy is damn awesome la. superb control. inspiring. lol