Monday, January 24, 2011

It's that time of the month!

..nope, am not talking about mass-PMS ><..

Monthly roda, yay! And I quote:

"This sunday, 30th January at SCAPE, same spot, same place.

By the way, 1 hour before the session there will be a floreio session by Alif!

Time for Floreios: 330pm - 430pm
TIme for Roda : 430pm - 630pm

Love Love
TK "

If any new member happens to read this, monthly roda is just like what Arnold said, the usual axe multiplied by 10! It might even be life-changing, camaradas! =D

shiela *I should ask someone else to post something soon else I'll be accused of hogging the blog >< *

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