Friday, January 21, 2011

On Injuries (Part 1)

Well, since the club started the year with 2 head injuries, 1 ankle injury, 1 leg injury and broken finger... and reflecting back on how ankle injuries seem to be the trend last year.. not to mention Sapo's repetitive back injury and Morcego's knee.. I think we need a series of posts on injuries, prevention, rehabilitation etc so everyone can benefit. (Of course my sources will mostly come form the net and as such take it with a pinch of salt.. I'll try to ask Alif to comment from time to time.)

The first post in the series.. is inspired by dear Charlotte looking really sad when she had to just sit on the side watching us train yesterday, and how Kelvin insisted on training but had to be careful not to exert his right ankle..

Oftentimes, capoeiristas train when they are injured or when they have not recovered fully. I am guilty of this too (2 counts of ankle sprain last year), because it's just sooooo miserable watching your camaradas do the moves and not be able to do anything, and you're afraid of de-conditioning (where you lose a significant amount of your aerobic and muscle abilities after not training for some time.. more on that in next posts), the music is calling you, and besides we're still young, and plus it's supposed to be mind over matter, right?

Well,a bit of patience might really help in the long term. I don't exactly know the statistics but I went to google 'quit capoeira because of injury' and the things that came up were scary enough >< I personally know several people who had to quit gymnastics, dance, capoeira because of injuries and really, the common line of thought is : "What could I have done better or differently so that I can still have dance/ gymnastics/capoeira in my life?" I haven't had any serious injuries but I think if I do and I have to stay off capoeira for some months.. the thought of having to quit capoeira if I don't take proper care is probably the only one that can keep me from getting 'itchy'!

Alif said once, "the faster you peak, the faster you plateau and drop.. the slower you peak, the slower the drop also..." .. which reminds me of what my friend told me about 'shooting stars' - people who shine so brilliantly just for awhile, but disappears after that.. tragic, I say!

So for those who are recovering now and wanting to push their limits, hey sure, but also chill a bit, listen to your body, and remember capoeira is a lifelong love affair.. you have time =)

Much love and concern,

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